The owners of domestic dogs can arrange several types of insurance for their friends – responsibilities, in case of death, but thus only once or get sick. You can choose between Mazlek od esk pojiovny and Mazlkem esk podnikatelsk pojiovny.

According to esk pojiovny, a domestic breeder spent almost a billion crowns on the veterinary breeding of his dogs. An estimated two million ps with them, so the average cost of a dog owner is 500 crowns. From this year, the breeder has the opportunity to insure himself against these veterinary expenses.

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How health insurance worksThe health insurance covers the costs of veterinary treatment of the dog in case of sudden illness or injury. The insurance conditions of the financial situation are quite different from each other. Depending on the different factors, the limits of insurance indemnity and participation after a possible netting are also different.

U Pet esk business insurance company (PP) is the longest factor in the insurance of a dog and according to the limits of insurance benefits. The dog can be insured from six months to eight years of age at the age of fully from 10 thousand to 30 thousand crowns. A dog older than eight years can be insured only if his contract began before the age of age. According to the salary, when the young was a dog at the time of signing the contract with the insurance company, then the owner ron the owner for his dog’s salary.

Pet from esk business insurance company
Admission vk dog Roninsurancein insurancestky10 000 K Roninsurancein insurancestky20 000 K Roninsurancein insurancestky30 000 K
6 msc and 3 years 600 K 1000 K 1200 K
3 a 5 let 800 K 1200 K 1500 K
5 a 8 let 1000 K 1700 K 2000 K

So, for example, if we insure for two-year-old badger PP for 20,000 crowns (in case of illness, the insurance company will pay once for a maximum code of 20,000 crowns in 12 months), pay 1000 K for the insurance premium. 1200 K. In the case of PP, the breed of the dog is given only for comparison, but does not play a role in setting the price. The co-participation (which the net owner of the dog has in the case of net castle) in 2000 K for each insurance event.

V esk pojiovn (P) if dinner Mazlka divorce from the dog’s face. More accurate from his race and the table, which indicates how much the average dog of a given race would live. According to them, similarly to PP, it is very important for the dog and the dog to which he will be tied. A small dog (up to 40 kg) can be insured from birth to nine years of age, a large dog (over 40 kg) then only up to five years. For ronho, you can choose between 15 thousand to 30 thousand crowns.

As with the Czech business insurance company, the old dog may also be connected with the Czech insurance company, but its insurance must arise before the age that forms the border. I.e. up to nine years in dogs up to 40 kg and up to five years in dogs over 40 kg.

Pet from esk pojiovny

Vha psa(entrance to the dog) Ron insurancein insurancestky15 000 K Ron insurancein insurance stky20 000 K Ron insurancein insurance stky25 000 K Ron insurancein insurance stky30 000 K
40 kg(0 a 9 let) 1650 K 2200 K 2750 K 3300 K
over 40 kg(0 a 5 let) 2250 K 3000 K 3750 K 4500 K

We return to our badger badge and Great Dane. UP, for a two-year-old badger, which is classified as a dog with a weight of up to 40 kg, the owner would pay a fee of more than 2,200 crowns within the limit of 20,000 K. The Great Dane, which falls into the category of over 40 kg, would breed breeders at the same limit to 3000 K ron.

This time, the co-participation is sweaty in percentages and in 30% of the total cost of the dog. For older dogs (small over nine years and large over five years), the castle code increases by 10 percentage points each year. This means that, for example, for a small one-year-old dog, the co-participation is not the standard 30%, but 20 percentage points more, ie 50%. The castle of veterinary costs will be combined with time and increasing with the age of the dog gradually decrease to zero.

Of course, any injury that has been demonstrably caused to the dog’s mind is excluded from health insurance. The insurance does not include prevention (such as shelling and deworming), cosmetic procedures and childbirth. The system of conditions of the Czech business insurance company is according to the obligation (in drainage cases) to provide the dog with first aid.

The Czech insurance company has prepared discounts for very young dogs and a number of discounts for connecting more dogs. For example, for a pet aged 1 to 2 years, the price of the insurance premium is reduced by 5%. If you manage to insure a dog up to 1 year of age, a 10% discount on vs.

The Czech Business Association provides insurance under suitable conditions for dogs Mountain services and dogs for personal assistance and canine therapy (dog company for the disabled).

For the sake of completeness, let us add that the dog must be permanently marked with a microiplate or a tattoo for the P-links, and for PP it is enough that the dog is registered with the general administration and has a registered mark. The dog must be shelled in both cases.

esk pojiovna nabz pro psy i ivotn pojitnIt is a congestion in case of death or killing of a dog due to disease, illness, shock, surgery, birth codes and poisoning. While you can also insure a age for health insurance, you can arrange life insurance for your dog individually only after proving his pedigree, special training (for example, a blind dog) or if it is a service dog.

When in a way of a traffic accidentThe so-called liability can also be insured for the stated insurance. If, for example, a dog runs into the street and causes cyclists an accident with code for health and property, you are responsible for any compensation.

The Czech insurance company has an insurance liability of CZK 150 (with limits on benefits of up to CZK 2 million, assets of up to CZK 1 million and financial losses of up to CZK 500,000). In the case of esk podnikatelská pojiovny, you can pay it for 120 crowns a year (with limits on health benefits up to CZK 500,000, for loans up to CZK 250,000 and financial codes up to CZK 120,000). However, do not underestimate the search of a dog even with a good connection, as the code may exceed the limits of fulfillment in exceptional cases. Before negotiating this type of insurance, consult your household insurance agreement, which should include it.

Life with a dog is full of joy, but also responsibility. Pojiovny chtj (in addition to the profit for himself) dt breeders the opportunity to improve the life of their dog in a situation where the owner would not be able to cover unexpected data associated with the veterinary. And so protect the breeder from fulfilling the code that their dog causes.