Many people invest in life insurance. But can you recognize how information about investment life insurance is misleading and untrue? Insurance analyst Martin Podvka from Partners is the most likely to point out.

1.Investinho P products do not differ, they all have a similar cost.

The. Just as there are those with free management and those with high fees, so the investment costs are different. As an example, we have spent fees paid on investments with a regular monthly investment of CZK 1,000 for a period of 30 years. The data are based on the rates of insurance published on the website as of January 13, 2019. If the insurance company offers more types of investment insurance, the expensive variant is calculated.

Pojiovna Total fees for 30 years What amount of paid investment will I lose
Aegon 50 400 K 14,0 %
AXA 54 576 K 15,2 %
Allianz 10 800 K 3,0 %
esk business insurance company 43 613 K 12,1 %
esk pojiovna 14 400 K 4,0 %
UNDER pojiovna 53 400 K 14,8 %
General 19 200 K 5,3 %
Cooperative 39 387 K 10,9 %
MetLife 48 395 K 13,4 %
NN 44 250 K 12,3 %
Uniqa 33 176 K 9,2 %
Source: tariffs pojioven, m
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2. An investment fee of over 5% is normal.

The. If you want to value free funds on the market, you can choose from several types of products. For all, pay a fee from the value of the fund, but if the investment fees are deducted. In the case of pension funds, they are prohibited by law (the fee is therefore 0%), in the case of regular investment programs in mutual funds, bad for the type of fund. Never be you more than 5% of the total paid investment. Only with life insurance you can meet with an extreme cost of over 10% of the investment component.

3.When I close a product with high fees and find out, and after years, the financial arbitrator reminds me.

The. dn kon does not regulate vi fee for investment insurance. A closed bond is a manifestation of your free will and you bear the consequences of a bad choice yourself. The financial arbitrator only mentions in cases where, for example, the fees and risk premiums of the product were not clearly defined. And this is the current product offered on the netk market today. Therefore, look right away, do not pay more than 5% of the investment fees.

4.When I have closed a life insurance line in the past, it is best to cancel it and close it cheaper.

The. Pay the highest fees for most P products in the first few years. Does your contract last for several years? Paid fees in no one will drill and canceled the contract may be a mistake. If a consultant offers you a preliminary contract, you want him to make a detailed comparison of the two options: keep or cancel. Compare the letter in writing and keep it for a while. If it were wrong, you could easily demand compensation in the future caused by losses. Without a clear sweat and written justification, your old contract will never grow.

5.It is difficult to find out how high the investment fees are. Fee rates are incomprehensible.

Le. The truth is, you can’t cling to calculations and don’t know what percentages are. It is true that some products have tariffs on several pages and the use of terminology is completely incomprehensible to a normal hunter. The new bag each linker adds to the contract table, where it is posted in potench and other fees. When you set these two values ​​and divide them by the total premium paid, immediately know what percentage of the premium goes to fees. And if you are not 5%, the product is not suitable for investment.

6.I need an investment bond so that I can get the maximum possible contribution from the employer.

The. The employer pays 50,000 crowns to its employees, but this limit is combined for life insurance (P) and pension savings (DPS). If the employer only contributes to P, or requires a combination of P and DPS, it is his decision. Don’t make him do it. Due to the regulation of fees in the DPS, it is much more convenient for employees to receive a contribution to the pension fund than to the life insurance.

7.The employer can determine the investment insurance product to which he will contribute.

The. From 1 December 2018, the employer may not limit the contribution to a specific product. Therefore, if you have the right to contribute to P within the framework of employee benefits, you can choose the insurance yourself. And, of course, choose the best product with low fees, so that the connection at the end is as high as possible.