Gold coins have the advantage that their authenticity is more recognizable and the quality is guaranteed by the publishers. With increasing numbers, their collector’s value increases, while white perks come out of copper and lose on prices. Gold coins: yes and no?

Buy these coins, simplified eeno, two consumer groups. The first of them, the so-called thesauri, are interested in gold coins because of the values ​​of their gold content, the second collector for their neck and numismatic value. In recent decades, more than 90% of coins have been made for thesaurons, with the rest going to collectors.

The fate of the most important and thus the most expensive coin in the world would be sent to the film scene and the book. It is not an old coin, it was minted in 1933. In that year, 445 thousand twenty-dollar gold coins called Double Eagle were minted in the USA. However, before they got into circulation, Franklin D. Roosevelt sat in the presidential chair and, in the context of a deep economic crisis, issued an order to melt all these coins. In 1934, an inspection revealed 10 pieces of errors. Nine of them were subsequently found and then melted down. Dest lost coins later appeared. It belonged to the collection of the Egyptian krun Faruk, a vnivni collector of coins. When the monarch was overthrown in 1952, Amerian applied for a coin. However, the vain coin disappeared unknown.

For the next 45 years, agents of various secret services pursued this mysterious piece of gold. And in 1996, the coin was discovered. British buyer Steven Fenton tried to sell it in New York for 1.5 million US dollars. Pekupnk ended up in court and the first two parties fought for another five years. During that time, the coin was stored in the vault of the World Trade Center in New York. She was removed from there 14 days before the fateful November 11, 2001. The coin was sold at auction for seven and a half million dollars, and her bird was restored to fight terrorism and rebuild Manhattan.

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Some rabbits are so-called ofi target, which means that once the mint is in collaboration with the central banks pslunch countries. Other coins and medals have the unofficial character of their work, mainly by private companies or collectors’ associations. Of the total 131 tonnes of gold used in 2003 for coinage and medals, the largest quantities were used in Turkey (47 tonnes), India (21.5 tonnes) and the USA (15 tonnes).

After the First World of Wolves, in connection with the degree of gold as a monetary metal, gold coins gradually began to lose their character as livestock, and more of them became commercial coins. The denomination is today only a formal matter with at most two practical consequences: some states for their import and trade determine the tax base and possibly penalize the fallen as a fallen pension. The largest share in the world is the production of gold coins traded South Africa, where it has been used since 1967 krugerrandy, 22-card gold coins.

Unlike most current gold coins, the Krugerrands function as legal tender and are produced in large quantities, with around 50 million coins in circulation. They have a well-defined gold content and a daily quoted price through its well-known London gold fixings. In addition to companies in the British gold market, some of the banks in the USA and Germany are among the primary distributors of krugerrand. Through them, Krugerrands are sold to other entities at a price called other costs, such as transportation, insurance and storage.

Krugerrand bears the head of Paul Kruger, the first president of South Africa, with the name of the country in English and African. On the reverse is shown an antelope, the inscription krugerrand and marked pslunho amounts of gold. The word rand comes from the name Witwatersrand, which is the city where gold was first found and which was at the birth of South African gold fever. But even gold coins are subject to the md and breeding market. Krugerrand’s gold is fired once, but because there are plenty of them on the market, the amount of gold consumed is equal to tons of ron.

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England sovereign: the most famous gold coin

He was born in 1817, in the dark eight grams, of which 7.32 grams of your gold. On the lion is a portrait of the monarch, on the reverse of St. Ji. And until the First Worlds of Wolves, this coin was used in the UK as a common means of payment.

And to date, more than one billion of these coins were made, of which 488 million were in Australia at a time when the continent was a British colony. The British sovereign has such an exciting military history. For decades, these coins have been widely recognized as emergency money. The Sovereigns were a bite of ground for both Allied pilots in the wolf worlds and American pilots operating over Ireland.

There are a number of reasons for the unusual growth of rabbis and the sale of gold coins. The high price of gold, the willingness of business circles and individuals to preserve the value in this relatively most stable goods and, last but not least, the effort to win, which once again get these gold coins for gold, not if they sold them in bars. Some administrative measures thus played a role. In most countries, the purchase of bar gold is a private company, or it is subject to a certain additional tax, which is around 10%. However, the purchase and possession of gold coins are not administratively limited and are not associated with additional taxation.

Excerpts from the book Jan Strue and Bohumil Studnek: GOLD – Pbh unusual metal

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