The Amazon founder is by far the richest person in the world. Elon Musk has also clearly caught up in the ranking of the super-rich.

Relies on online trading, cloud services and space travel: Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos now has more than $ 200 billion in net worth. That comes from the billionaires ranking, which the financial service Bloomberg publishes regularly. The Amazon founder and CEO is at the top and is thereafter the only single person who comes up with a wealth of this magnitude.

Bezos’ net worth increased by $ 87 billion compared to the beginning of the year, according to the figures. The reason for this is the share price development of the online retailer and cloud provider Amazon: The stock market value of the tech group has so far increased by almost 90 percent to just over 1.7 trillion dollars this year.

Jeff Bezos, in turn, is still the largest single shareholder in the online retailer – if the share price increases, so does his fortune, at least on paper. In second place in the ranking of the super-rich follows Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who therefore has a fortune of around 124 billion dollars, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in third place with around 115 billion dollars. In fourth place is now Tesla boss Elon Musk with a fortune of more than 100 billion dollars.

Behind the asset growth of the technology entrepreneurs in particular is the stock market trend this year. The main reason for investors’ confidence in these companies is the view that the large Internet companies in particular will continue to gain in importance relative to other companies as a result of the pandemic.