According to a survey by Factum Invenio, the financial situation of households has hardly changed for half of them in the last two years;

Leaders and building societies Among the six most common ways to save your pension for many years, include building savings, savings at home, deposit books, life insurance and pension insurance, said Barbora Bunsk, research manager. The most used is the common market, on which about five fifths of the people spend their free funds.

The building society has been the most popular way to save money for many years. Since 2002, at least half of those surveyed have had a building society contract, at present the number has increased to 52 percent.

People have pensions at home

Spoen save more than two fifths of them at home, so-called straw mats. The number of people who have a financial reserve at home remains about the same. The number of deposit book holders has hardly changed in the last few years. At present, it owns a total of 36 percent of respondents.

What influences decision-making

Those who want to save their pensions most often decide on the method themselves, or with a partner. And seven out of ten people think that they invest their free funds effectively. The same people decide on the advice of a financial advisor.

According to Martin Gardavsky from the Association of Financial Intermediaries and R Advisers, each of the two citizens used their services.

According to the survey, he is an active investor in his productive age with sufficient funds. It is most often a hunter with a central distance, which lives in this city.

Develop a wide range of investment opportunities: building savings, life insurance, pension insurance, invests in business and real estate.

How do you pay your pension? What influences your decision-making? Drinks them with light.


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