Spltkami vru data associated with the mortgage inconvenient. The applicant should cover with the bond. And of several kinds. It will be obligatory to have a wall connected with the construction or the completion of the property. The fuse is thus optional for the household. Do not ask the banks here, but it pays to close it for your own peace of mind.

Depending on the size and value of the building and the price, represent several thousand crowns. For example, an insurance house for two million crowns with a mortgage of 1.2 million years of household insurance will cost approximately 3,000 and 5,000 crowns. But that’s not all. Banks often require life insurance, although often hard, it is not necessary. It is obligatory in many banks, for example with free applicants, who also meet and meet themselves. It is possible to choose an ordinary risk life insurance, which only
cover risk dead.

Or it is possible to close life insurance chapters. This type is also safe in the event of death and at the same time enhances the value of the pension. The payment of this insurance can be directly combined with the payment of the mortgage. The client first pays the life insurance and the need to evaluate the funds to meet the mortgage. The value of the premium, age and health status of the insured decide on the end of the insurance premium.

For example, 40 years of health with a mortgage of 1.2 million crowns pay ron on risk insurance about 10,000 crowns.

Problmovch vr is mlo

I don’t have a split. Such an idea suffered a lot to meet the mortgage. And the question of what happens when funds run out during payments discourages even some potential recipients from the mortgage. Furnaces only: a mortgage is usually a bundle for a long time and in many cases a thousand, but hundreds and millions of crowns. And as a property, usually owns a roof over your head.

The banks clean up the bag: no reason to worry. Mortgages are one of the few problems, because they are a real estate, which usually serves the client to live in, confirms Pavla Pasekov from eBanka. The words of the representatives of the banks are based on the specific problems of the clients. As stated by Raiffeisenbank, this is a statistically insignificant weakness.

The percentage of problems in the long run has been around 0.1 percent of the total volume of all mortgages provided. This volume has been stable for several years and is not increasing, according to Kristna Havligerov from esk spoitelny. From Hypoten Bank hls only plates vr, which con sale of real estate.

When I can’t meet

What to do when the client gets into a financial situation and doesn’t pay for the installments? According to the deputy, the worst option is to kill a dead beetle. On the contrary, there are two and more intense ways to deal with both sides, so there is hope for a better change.

It is best to start communication with the bank before paying the first installment, for example, if the client has lost his job and he knows that he will not be in installment, the advice of David Sahula from Hypoten banka. It is important to note that the bank is not a real estate agent, nor its purpose is to sell real estate to the client. The bank always tries to agree with the client on a suitable situation acceptable to both parties. To do this, the bag is necessary for the client to communicate and be active, adds Sahula.

There are two If no entrance is found, there are two ways to go, one of which is favorable for the client. The species is an extreme entrance from the problems of the situation and the client can lose a lot on it. In the first case, the bank will sell the property in agreement with the client on the basis of a power of attorney. Usually not in a hurry and under pressure, so I can afford to repent of a suitable offer.

He will take his bank from the spent pension and the client will get me back what he put into the property from his own. If the owner does not cooperate with the problem, the involuntary auction will take place.

The price achieved in the framework of the auction does not have to be so favorable. Even in Czech savings banks confirm that in most cases the situation is favorable. We have a high percentage of clients who return to the mode of long-term fulfillment and their classification is gradually improving, to Kristna Havligerov.

The mortgage is one of the few problems also because the applicant goes through a dense area of ​​purchase before obtaining the loan.

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