It’s a matter of dark Hamletovsk. Should the employee notify his supervisor and colleagues when he or she becomes ill or not? At first glance, you don’t have to hang anything, but there is a personal level of the problem.

Before that, the leading personality of the car industry, Sergio Marchionne, died, who saved Fiat and made it one of the world’s most important cars. Although a year went on, the company’s management did not know about his illness. Is the right state of your health in the job a secret, or is it better to tell the truth?

From the first point of view, the protection of sensitive data of the employee applies, to which the employer must not contact, including the state of health and the state of health of only the employee’s family. Such questions could be discriminatory. Therefore, the employer must not collect them, and so he should not record such information, to Petra Jelnkov from the website

According to n, this does not apply if it is necessary to determine physical or mental resilience for a given type of work. Whether the employee is suitable for this job, however, the assessment of the body during examinations, which are performed either before the employment, or regularly according to the degree of severity of the position and the risk to health. In uritch cases, such an extraordinary medical examination can be performed, adds Jelnkov.

According to the first, the evaluation of the state of the employee does not mention an illness that is not related to his work and does not affect his work. So if a Fiat manager had an illness that did not affect the performance of his work, no one had to know about it.

I am aware of future complications

Headhunter and editor of the company Mark of sciences, who for companies search candidates for the highest positions, as well as a conclusion about working medical examinations. These companies are mandatory. For other employers who are leaving, employees fill in the questionnaire at the beginning of the question, where they also comment on their health condition. Of course, the employee lies to me, it is his decision and his personal affairs.

It is a question of how a sick employee wants to keep secret and how he is able to secure a long-term job, even if no colleague would notice it, or to keep the symptoms of the illness secret. It is individual: the callability of the disease versus the infirmity of the fight versus the work itself, its inferiority and long-term customs. If the employee talks about his health condition, I will learn about future complications. Personally, I think that a capable and sickly handicapped employee, for a year of companies, is more useful than a health employee who does not have the relevant competencies for a given position, less science.

Tom Surka from the personnel consulting company Devire also agreed with him. Urit is good to act on the level, a good employer can help me even with a situation. I don’t have to or do it. This is also a good idea to consult with the enthusiast, how to communicate the whole thing, he remarked.

One wants to share personal problems, the other does not

From a psychological point of view, it is clear that working is one of the most important environments of our lives and we should not try to do so in it. So we would not miss the essential part of our personality. I also don’t think that similar notifications of personal difficulties should not have a place in the work environment, just like on the other hand we announce that we are getting married or buying an apartment. But I would recommend to proceed highly individually and obediently, to psychologist Dalibor pok.

According to him, quite hypothetically, two different people in one position with the same disease could recommend the exact opposite: one is happy to share my concerns or both, including the support of the environment. On the contrary, such a breeding environment would bear much weight, it would provoke resistance in it and it would not stand for similar support in this case.

So it’s bad for who we are, what we need, how we work best, what benefits us and what code. If we are not at all sure which type of the two in the given extreme he belongs to, I would recommend to announce a similar one first by two. Mon nco a little to share, pay attention to the reaction we encounter, and that nm uke what to do according to. We will not take what we say back to the psychologist.

He should not confuse the fact that the information we share with the selected people will remain with them. Information of this type is available in companies and if we share it on a personal level, I would argue with the fact that everyone will find out about this first. Even those to whom we did not originally want to share it. This also consciously influences our decision whether we will announce this first and in what way, I will add.