M price change the insurance company, or crush t where you have it for several years? Wrong in several circumstances: the age and city of the car owner and the car. All this, in some cases, determines the price of compulsory liability.

Peliv study the conditions

Beforehand, make sure that responsible selection of the connection takes a lot of time. But it pays off. The variance in rates for one type of car is very pronounced. The transition to competition is not difficult. Renewed written notice one week before the expiration of the contract (half of them have a contract concluded on 1 January) and the conclusion of a new contract within 7 days of the termination of the contract.

As of June 30, 2005, the database of the Czech insurer’s office registered 5.4 million vehicles connected in this way, of which the largest compulsory liability is managed by the Czech insurance company, namely 2.38 million vehicles, the type is Kooperativa with 1.32 million vehicles, followed by the Czech
business insurance company with 570,000 vehicles and Allianz with 560,000 vehicles.

You can arrange the obligatory guarantee with the connection consultants, in the branch connection, via the Internet or by telephone.


Co by vs mlo zajmat pi vbru pojiovny

Insurance limits
Insurance limits indicate how much code the insurance company will cover. Whenever the insurance company has to comply with the basic minimum limits, which are set by the law. These are CZK 35 million for the health code and CZK 18 million for the property code. Of course, you can also get the limits of uAllianz and esk pojiovny for both types of codes and 100 million crowns

Capable price
In the case of the basic price, the individual connectors differ. For example, for a mobile car up to 1350 cc, rates range from 1900 to 2800 crowns. In addition to the pensions you pay is good to follow and gave criteria. According to him, the connection rate determines rates, various bonuses and other benefits, the name and stability of the connection state also play a role.

System of mucus insurance events
Today, insurance companies offer you ways to report an insurance event and according to your needs: in person at a branch, over the phone or via the Internet. Not every insurance company offers all the options, the optimal choice is recorded by phone.

Speed ​​of liquidation of insurance claims
Due to strong competition, the set maximum time limit for the liquidation code is reduced for some couplings and for a few days. The speed of disposal is also related to the method of circulation of documents in the insurance company and their archiving. The fastest in a few days can be guaranteed by companies that introduce digital circulation documents in their systems. So far, it is the only one in our case of the Czech insurance company, where 90 percent of the code is completed within 5 days from the end of the account, that is, from the moment when the liquidator received the last document. Prepare similar steps and put them together.

Assistance services
Assistance services, ie a kind of phone call. Most couples offer free assistance services to people who have a mandatory warranty. In the event of an accident insurance, you are usually entitled to assistance even if you cause the accident, or if someone steals your car. The range of assistance services in the basic variants varies from state to state. In the case of insurance companies providing compulsory insurance and emergency insurance bags, they may even have to proceed with the arrival of the assistance service at the scene of the accident. If the car cannot be repaired in the city, arrange towing or temporary storage in the paid parking lot. And with the exception of the insurance company to pay for unpaid accommodation in the hotel. First aid includes, for example, telephone counseling, a pre-message or first aid payment. In the event of accidents abroad, it is relatively often suppressed. The range of assistance services can be influenced by choosing a insurance company or by arranging additional assistance for a fee.

Doplkov pojitn
The insurance company offers compulsory insurance and the insurance company for a reduced price or free of charge. These include emergency safety, multiple safety passengers, seats, windscreens and the like.

Name and stability of the bond
A solid insurance company is able to quickly document the insurance event and deal with the damage. This will avoid the unpleasant warning from the injured party that the insurance company has not paid the full price.