This year, there will be a dramatic decline in mortgage risk. According to banking experts, rates will stagnate in some cases and fall in some cases. Banks are preparing news for their clients, but don’t want to divulge them yet.

In response to the dream of years NB rates are soon coming

Last week, the NB again cut the annual rate by a pl percent. Will mortgage banks react to this in the near future? Consider dreaming your years of rates?

Most banks are currently watching how the financial markets will react to the change in rates, and may have taken action accordingly. They do not rule out a number of years, but at the same time they state that mortgage rates are not directly affected by NB rates, but by the development of pension prices on the interbank market.

“The reduction of annual rates for mortgages does not necessarily correspond to the reduction of the basic NB rate, or this is not the only factor that influences the creation of final rates of commercial banks. According to Denisa Saltkov from Potovná spořitelna, the risk of market rates also plays a role here. ”

The only bank that has dreamed of it for years is UniCredit Bank. “For years of the mortgage rate, we dreamed it at the arrest of last week, ie before the hardening of the NB meeting. For the one-year fix, we reduced the rate from 4.90 to 4.70. There was also a decrease in 3- and 5 – year fixations – now from 5.13. We have been reducing the rate since November 2, primarily on the basis of the decline in financial market rates, so we have responded secondarily to the NB’s decision in the previous December, ”said Tom Pavlk, a bank spokesman.

GE Money Bank, LBBW Bank and Volksbank do not consider changes in interest rates yet.

Even experts do not respond to the bank’s mortgages for a year

In the future of future rates, virtually all banks agree. For the next period, predict that years rates will be stagnant or there will be a slight decline in some fixations.

“Years rates with a fixation of up to two years could fall slightly in line with December and the norms of the reduction of NB rates. The NB’s policy will probably not be affected by the long end of the input curve, and the price of fixation for a period of 3 or more years should also stagnate, ”comments Tom Pavlk from UniCredit Bank on the development of one-year rates.

Interest in mortgage clients especially speech and in the second half of the year

Even in the area of ​​future potential of mortgage banks, banks are quite united. Practically, one of them did not anticipate any significant change – and towards a decrease or increase in demand. According to the opinion of banking experts, mortgage transactions can be expected at the same level as in the previous year, in the second half of the year it is possible to cover even a small number.

“Interest in mortgages is strongly dependent on economic development and the expectation of customers. The potential in our country is still relatively well known in comparison with the developed countries of western Europe. Now the situation is such that clients flourish. There is some uncertainty, customers do not know what will happen to their employees. As soon as the situation calms down, we will reapply the number of mortgages in the Czech Republic, “said Tom K, a spokesman for GE Money Bank.

January is the weakest mass

The beginning of the year is the weakest period in terms of traditional mortgages. The growth of new housing is manifested by the people in the spring and summer months, ie at the beginning of the construction season.

However, we can see how the end of the year is perceived in individual banks compared to the same period in 2008. For example, Tom Kofro from Raiffeisenbank said: “In January, it was lower, for several reasons: vv decline in property prices. The re-introduced local support, which will be paid in the bureau, also plays a role. Some clients who meet the conditions for state support have postponed the January enough for a mortgage first to the norm. ”

Wstenrot hypoten banka, UniCredit Bank and LBBW Bank recorded a lower interest in mortgages in January, while GE Money Bank changed the decline in interest even in the breath of a few percent.

Banks have not thought of clients

Banks are aware that clients, given the current economic situation, have been thinking about their investment changes. In the area of ​​mortgages, how often it will be with years of rates and real estate prices. So there is more space than ever for banks to try to attract as many clients as possible through various time-limited events, new product launches and product innovations.

We will now meet with limited time only at Wstenrot hypoten banka, which by the end of the month will offer a residential mortgage with a five-year fixation of the rate without a fee for the required fee.

Potovn spoitelna is the most active

So far this year, only Potovn spoitelna has been drinking with the new product and the innovation of the services provided, which could increase the client’s interest.

“We will offer a pre-mortgaged loan, which can be handcuffed if it is not possible to temporarily deposit the mortgaged property on the property. In addition, we can now obtain an entry from the real estate cadastre directly in the financial center. This service greatly simplifies and reduces the price of mortgages, and it is completely free, “to Denisa Saltkov, speaking to the bank.

“Let’s prepare the news, but don’t reveal it yet,” said the bank

And what can clients ask about in ptch mscch? What’s new for n banks? Clients still have to repent for specific news. Due to the competitive struggle, all banks do not want to provide detailed information. However, they assure their clients that they will announce all the news.

Today, we can reveal that, for example, mBank is preparing a mortgage in combination with the insurance company, and Hypoten banka will come up with an offer on selected mortgage products in the middle of the dungeon. It will apply to mortgages up to 85% of the mortgage value of the property with a fixed rate of five years or more.

Raiffeisenbank traditionally thinks of its clients, through its regular hypotheses, which run twice a year, always in spring and autumn. These days, it offers clients various discounts and mortgages. Leton fulfills the news at midnight and April.