Công nghệ - Meta chia tay dấu ấn cuối cùng của hình đại diện thương hiệu cũ
Shares of Meta have fallen nearly 42% this year as the company faces criticism from lawmakers and regulators.

After a decade of dealings with the name Facebook, the world’s leading technology and social media company from the US Meta (official name Meta Platforms, Inc; formerly known as Facebook, Inc) has officially bid farewell to its imprint. the end of the old brand avatar. Specifically, Meta began trading under the ticker symbol “META” on June 9. Previously, the old company ticker symbol “FB” was used by the company since its initial public offering in 2012.

Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Meta Company, has officially changed the name of Facebook to Meta vin October 2021. This is an attempt at efforts that demonstrate the company’s focus on building the next generation of online interactions known as the “metaverse” – a combination of virtual and augmented reality technologies. strong.

Mr. Zuckerberg, when he was a 19-year-old student at Harvard University, founded Facebook in his dormitory in 2004 as a solution for students to communicate with each other over the Internet.

At the time, few would have imagined that Facebook would then become an integral part of the social lives of many people around the world, with nearly 3 billion monthly active users. Facebook has gradually expanded to include popular social media apps like Instagram and Whatsapp.

However, during the company’s Connect virtual reality conference in October 2021, CEO Zuckerberg said it was time to rebrand to reflect broader ambitions. “It is time for us to adopt a new corporate brand to embrace everything we do,” he said. From now on, we’ll be the metaverse, not Facebook.”

His company is pouring billions of dollars into the metaverse, an idea of ​​a virtual world where users can work, socialize, and have fun by adding new features to hardware devices that act as hubs. access.

Technology - Meta bid farewell to the last mark of the old brand avatar

Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Meta Company (former name Facebook Company). Photo: Getty Images.

Art Hogan, chief strategist at investment brokerage National Securities (USA), said: “When companies change their name and official code, they often try to show that there has been a change. fundamentals of the business model”. Mr. Art Hogan added: “I’m not sure if this really makes much of a difference. I still call them Google and Facebook.”

Shares of Meta have fallen nearly 42% this year as the company faces criticism from lawmakers and regulators over market power, algorithmic decisions and control over behavior. abuse.

Pham Ha Thanh (according to Reuters, Economic Times)