You have to pay for life insurance. Binding darkness does not suit the sex because they would have a weakness, they just went to the demographic tables and found out that they may die by a little two. And they are risk clients for the insurance company.

They either pay the insurance premiums, or on their insurance policies, because of the total insurance premiums at their risk is less. By the same token, insurance is expensive for older people. When, for example, he arranges a life insurance policy for thirty years, pay him 3.5 times less in the insurance premium, not when he fills the same insurance policy with a counterfeit.

Do not affect gender or age, health doesYou price for insurance and other risks of the group. You know, those who do sports or have a dangerous permit can pay two times more in the insurance. Or paragliding, mountaineering and white water rafting will most likely insure you.

The whole thing can be reversedFor example, the insurance company Aegon piznv discount discount. And 50 percent of the premium. If they have more than one character, the discount can be paid in. If you would like to take advantage of the discount, you can find the interactive form on the insurance company’s website. A formula where you ask whether you are a kuk or not, I also have the Amcico connection company on my website. And enter yes or no, the calculated price of the insurance will not change at all…

The place is a question of how the insurance company knows that you are a no-brainer when you do not admit it in the health questionnaire. Abroad, there is no blood collection, do not check with us yet. When you state that you are not smoking and then die of lung cancer due to your bad habit, it is possible that your relatives will not get paid insurance in full.

For ast platby pirkaInsurance companies prefer to pay them once a year. They have processed lower pensions and your pensions are available to them. Therefore, many people support payments and grant clients a discount for them (and vice versa for monthly payments). And that’s 14 percent, like you at Axa.

Komu ano, komu neThe insurance company hears that there is a life insurance policy for everyone. And so it sometimes happens that the fifty-year-old has no life insurance and is considering another, appropriate.

Other people, on the other hand, make full use of life insurance and all they have to do is choose risky (cheap, but without savings), capital (with savings, but quite expensive and not prone) or investment (prone, medium expensive) insurance.

You should insure yourself:

  • when you have children and need to secure them in case you die
  • when you are the only one who stays in the family, because your partner is on parental leave
  • when the employer wants to contribute and 8000 crowns a year to the life insurance
  • when you take out a mortgage and in the event of your death, the family would not be able to meet

Radji se vyhnte ivotnmu pojitn

  • when you have no family or anyone who is up to your income
  • when you have property in your family that could be sold in case of death (houses, land, a prosperous company, valuable art objects)
  • when everyone has strong family ties and relatives do not have financial problems, just agree on it that if someone dies, the rest will help
  • when you mainly want to save on the network and the actual connection is not possible at all
  • when you want to insure, but especially in the event of an accident or illness, in which case it is appropriate to conclude a special insurance without life insurance

You can find out how much life insurance costs 500,000 crowns here

Lexicon ivotnho pojitn

Indexing:arrange the insurance for you for a million crowns. Today, it is a hundred that would cost a year and two in most families if the one who dug up died. After a few years, you will find that more than a million in the answers to the needs of the family for only half a year (life expectancy, inflation). You can apply for external insurance or rely on indexation. In this case, the insurance company will automatically increase its insurance premium as inflation rises. With insurance premiums, premiums also increase.

Capital value:With the old type of endowment life insurance, the pension paid to you is divided into two in one salary for risk coverage and insurance fees (these are pensions that you will never see) and the type increases and increases thanks to the appreciation that the insurance company achieves with its management. At the arrest, most of the income goes to the first pile, over time, the income pays into the savings bank and forms your capital value.

Anus:In the event that you have a contract on which to retire the pension, and you decide to terminate it two, it was not agreed to meet, pay the insurance company so-called sales. It is the current value of the insurance reduced by the insurance fee and 25 percent tax. If you paid you an insurance of 5,000 ron for seven years, you sent a insurance of 35,000 crowns. The sales bag will be about 10 and 15 thousand.

Oprvnn person (t obmylen):one who receives a pension in the event of the death of a bondage. It is used during the drafting of the contract, it is later to change it.

Technick years of the sea:at the time when you agree on a capital type insurance (ie not an investment), the technical year of the sea is set. It could be assumed that this is a year that the insurance company must provide at least for the entire duration of the contract.