Many married couples do not know how the common wealth is divided: Our author advises wealthy couples and usually regrets it afterwards. Because he would like to spare himself – and the married couple – the rude awakening.

IIn the past few months, I’ve made the same mistake 11 times. I am of course aware that this is an indictment, but I have little hope that much will change in the future. What happened there and what will happen next? I have entered into discussions with wealthy married couples, and at such meetings it will probably remain the custom to start listing the assets according to the motto: May I ask you to break free? There is really nothing wrong with that, but every time I make the mistake of marking the individual investments with the Mars or Venus symbol, that is, to say clearly who owns what and what amount.

Most people find this card reading amusing and funny at the beginning, but the longer the sessions go, the longer the necks, the more anxious the chants, and at the end of the events, when the unequal distribution of wealth can no longer be overlooked, it breaks it often comes from women and only rarely from men: “I suspected it, now the truth is finally on the table, and I find this distribution unjust!”