STANISLAV HANK started a business under the slogan Bl se jaro, Hank will build. Soon a number of new technologies were introduced each year. The company went through floods, fires and bad insurance. Even so, it hit the city in the Czech furniture market.

Stanislav Hbytek was 48 years old when Hank Nbytek started. His greatest asset at the time was professional education. The family tradition of carpentry production extends to Hank and to the period before the Second World Wolf. My wife and I started the pesto in 1990, basically out of it, without pensions, and moreover in the field where the basic machines were unattainable for us, Stanislav Hank recalls, how he founded a company producing mainly kitchens, but also gave apartments equipped.

Arrests with ejected machines

The traditional company started its modern history with a truly untraditional way – by buying a used machine for the production of tck and kelmk, for which the city was located in Gari. For this week, the family took their first and last year in the amount of fifty thousand crowns and I simply received the rest of the pensions needed for the start from friends, Stanislav Hank continues in his memories of hard arrests.

At that time, his son Stanislav, daughter of Ivan, daughter-in-law Mirek and Ladislav joined the company and started working full time. The family team, he worked on presses for three shifts and earned pensions on nbytksk machines, describes Hank. The first real machine we bought u for msc and then followed dal and dal. At the same time, the reconstruction of the wall took place, which the families shook in restitution after their grandfather, Josef Hank.

Small craftsmanship next to large traffic

In fifteen years, the Hank family built a factory with a production area of ​​35 thousand square meters, equipped with a modern machine park. The company thus produces all parts in its own operations, which are then used in the assembly of the finished product. But I especially appreciate the fact that we can combine large-scale production with craftsmanship from Stanislav Hank.

There are establishments in the company, where they are heated at high speed – machining, assembly of the cabinet and movements of large quantities of long and semi-finished products between individual operations. Next door is a craft production, frequency press, flexible wood and lathe.

There were raids and fires

Even if it works, everything changes the sale for me. The great outbursts that befell us were a real disaster. Production stopped completely for two months, recalls Stanislav Hank and added: As if that wasn’t enough, the whole production area burned into the warehouse. With a double natural disaster, of course, saw problems with financial production, caused, among other things, by a mistake in insurance. The floods were not covered and after the breach, only half of the contact was paid by the insurance company due to an error when the insurance was taken out. These were real catastrophes that meant the end of the mill.

Stanislav Hank believes that what hit the company above water in the past and helped to pass through the fire was the people, especially the cohesive family, who have the family business under control and everyone is fully involved in it. Hank is responsible for a certain section – from the production to the economic, investment development and to the supply and dispatch. The family core will then rely on 64 high school and 14 university-educated specialists in the furniture industry. Today, Hank’s son Stanislav Hank mlad continues in the family tradition.

How about customers?

It was always the dream of the father and son of Hank to build a furniture factory, which was still a Czech craft. What strategy can they recommend? These are new ideas for the people to find their way to them. Show them only with a quality and beautiful product that is important. Not by advertising bath or 95% discounts, me Stanislav Hank star.

And it connects: According to my opinion on the market, the quality of workmanship and materials, a good price compared to comparable foreign competition, original design, atypical elements and a wide range will succeed. According to him, it is important to produce all furniture debts in-house. We do not want to buy individual elements as an assembly company, k.