The times when the price of mortgages in the Czech Republic has long been at the same level are gone. Since the meeting of this year alone, the average number of 1.6 million mortgages has increased by almost 1,000 crowns. And last week, the NB raised its annual rate to 3.25 percent. The reaction of the banks can be expected in the coming weeks.

Fear that when you change the rate, you will be paid and you will not be able toYou year is not the only thing that surprises me. Thirty-year-old Alice Novotn, a bank manager from Prague, has been fulfilling her studio for six years, and she has been missing her pension twice in that time.

For a year, I was sick with a broken leg. I only got sick leave, and when I paid vr and gave the fees associated with housing, I had less than two thousand crowns left for the MSc. My family helped me then, recalls Alice Novotn. She got into trouble with fulfillment for the second time, when she changed jobs and was three months of support in unemployment.

Just a little and I can get into similar pots. With the maturity of mortgages 20, but even 40 years, no one is sure that there will not be a time when the installment will be non-bearing for him. With a family budget, I have the birth of a child, the loss of a job, but also your health problems. Here are some tips on how to prevent problems and how to solve them.

1. Consider the binding ability to meetI can be insured for similar cases and take out a mortgage ability to meet the mortgage. Most mortgage banks offer such products, while you do not have insurance with Wstenrot or HVB Bank.

Just be aware that not all banks can arrange insurance delivered. In that case, you must decide immediately when signing the level of the contract. The basic insurance ability to meet the majority includes the risk of death, full disability and incapacity for work. You can also take out additional insurance for lost employees.

But don’t worry about paying the insurance company when you’re at home for a week with a lace. The insurance is paid in case of long-term, most often two months of incapacity for work. How much to pay for insurance, bad mortgages and insurance risks. For example, Hypoten banka will be fully insured at 7.1 percent of the regular monthly payment. For 1.6 million mortgages with a five-year rate fixation rate and a twenty-year maturity, pay another CZK 777 in insurance premiums.

For the duration of the mortgage, pay a total of over 186,000 crowns, which is not negligible. The insurance ability to meet the mortgage is again a bit more expensive. At a time when to repay the mortgage go to the obligatory insurance mortgaged property, or life insurance, quite a long time gave insurance insurance oel.

Tip: You know what to insure. If you have time and life insurance, do not let yourself be persuaded and you will only conclude insurance in case of incapacity for work or loss of employment. Uette.

2. Try to file a deferral of the payment with the bankIf you do not have a mortgage pension at the moment, but expect that your financial situation will soon return to normal, file a bank for deferred payment.

If something like this happens, contact the bank immediately and agree on how to deal with the situation. Don’t wait for the urine, and Tom Kofro from Raiffeisenbank will take the time. Do not pay a dead beetle, banks often keep a year of delays in secret from the next day, when the bank was to receive a pension.

In general, the mortgage bank will defer the payment. Not automatically, insolvency is with each client individually, and if your reasons are not convinced, the bank does not have to allow the deferral. Suitable are those who have not had problems with payment so far.

When a bank agrees to a deferral, it is always only for a definite period, usually for a maximum of half a year. The reason is that most mortgage banks still have only deferred payments, you have to pay a year for a year, and it is definitely not a negligible amount.

For a million mortgage splcm 6800 crowns msn and due to a long-term illness I wanted to defer the installments. The bank agreed, but they told me that I would still have to pay for years, which was a little over 4000 crowns a month, and in addition I would pay another 2,000 crowns for a delay. In a situation where I turned every crown, it drank absurd, for example Lucie Novotn from Elkovice.

Tip: If possible, agree in advance that you will be able to change your mortgage over time. For example, Komern banka offers a flexible mortgage, where it is easy to defer the payment for three months and dream or, conversely, to increase it. Of course, such a service costs something, kept here at the Flexible Mortgage is about a hundred crowns more expensive than the standard one.

3. Se splcenm pome njemnkHe gave a variant in a situation where the lack of pension on installments is to rent an apartment or house and pay the mortgage from the deposit. In a financial crisis, it may be better not to drink about real estate.

Tip: If you have the opportunity to move somewhere, you go to a cottage, and you offer an apartment in a given location, it should not be possible to find someone in it. In the family house there is again a room suitable for renters.

4. Extend your due dateIn the event of a shortage of income, the balance will also be refinanced. Its charm lies in the fact that you repay the old mortgage with a new one, usually with a better year and part maturity, and darken the burden. Keep refinancing for a period of time when I fix the fixation to avoid fines.

Tip: These banks offer a simplified mortgage transfer, they can have a lot of paperwork. These are BAWAG Bank, Wstenrot hypoten banka, GE Money Bank and Volksbank. If you do not run to a different state, try to negotiate a dream payment with your current bank.

5. When it’s best, sell the propertyThe sale of real estate is probably an extreme phenomenon, but sometimes unavoidable. Such a case can occur, for example, in a divorce, if neither is able to pay the exponent. When you sell the apartment and the apartment and pay off the mortgage immediately, get rid of the debt quickly. Pay the rest of the mortgage fee with the proceeds from the sale, the new buyer will get a certain property and you can use the rest of the pension as you wish.

The problem is that when you hit outside the fixation, the bank will leave a ton of sanctions for prematurely repaying the mortgage. For example, SOB or Hypoten Bank get five percent of what they go long. And that is to start a year before the end of the fixation. When you need, for example, to pay a million three years before the fixation of fixation, it will cost 150,000 crowns.

Tip:Uette, when you agree with the new owner of your apartment or house to settle the debt and the buyer pays you only the difference between the agreed price and the unpaid mortgage. The bank must also agree to the transfer of the mortgage. This service is not free either, but the fee is minimal. With regard to changes in SOB and Hypoten banka, 0.4 percent of the paid attention is paid, not only from the outstanding balance.

The transfer of millions of mortgages will cost an acceptable 4,000 crowns. At the same time, the buyer of the account for the fee for concluding his own mortgage and will not have to prove so many documents, the bank only tests his ability to meet. The new borrower takes over the mortgage with many volumes in the bank and, while maintaining the original conditions of the rate, the length of fixation.

Conditions at individual banks for deferral of installments, early repayment and the year when you do not pay can be found HERE