esk spoitelna and GE Money Bank changed their tariffs. Where are you? What do you pay for? How did the news introduce other banks?

esk spoitelna

esk spoitelna decided to grow the city with its clients and wrapped up the tariff. It has prepared a new simplification and clarity. Compared to losk, these are only cosmetic rights, the fee is for the rest. For its customers, the new bank also presented a list of prices from the main tariff, which contains the most frequently used products.

When you lose the card, so the esk spoitelny card. The bank reduced the client’s liability in case of loss of the card and spread the insurance cover in case of misuse. The savings bank for unauthorized transactions with a lost or stolen payment card is 48 hours before it is blocked and extends the insurance misuse of the card for up to 96 hours before it is blocked. The offer also applies to transactions in which the PIN was used. Insurance misuse cards can be arranged for a year, according to the insurance cover for 170 and 480 crowns.

esk spoitelna has launched a new service Servis 24 Start for clients who do not have S, but want to have an overview of their products at their subsidiaries. With the help of this service, customers can look at those building societies, pension supplements and assets of those when investing in open-end mutual funds. Zzen and useful services are free.

Komern bank

Balek Perfekt account Komern banka brought a novelty in the form of two vouchers to the castle entered via the internet msn for free. According to all KB clients, it is possible to withdraw free of charge from KB ATMs. The perfect account includes two withdrawals from a KB msn ATM free of charge. For other clients, see the number of selected cards that customers use. The owner of the electronic cards has one free vbr, the driver embossed for you.

GE Money Bank

Revolun mentioned the changes in its GE Money Bank tariff. For half 119 crowns with a new Genius Active account, you can offer unlimited withdrawals from GE Money ATMs in R, sending a monthly deposit, outgoing payments, outgoing payments entered electronically, two embossed payment cards, a payment card for payments via the Internet, standing orders and direct debits. including SIPO, pm banking, account management and overdraft, spoic et, 50 sms msn and one deposit at the cash register. Thanks to Paul, the owner will get here in advance how many msn to pay in bank fees. If the client does not actively use the banking service, the price of 119 crowns is high in comparison with the offer of the competition.

GE Money Bank offers free transfer assistance here. The bank promises that the client will transfer the funds to the new account, agree with the employer to send the salary to the new account, cancel the payment at the original bank and set up the payment at GE Money Bank. Competitive banks, however, do not want to accept the signature of clients when canceling their signatures, if they were performed only by an employee of GE Money Bank. Let’s see how the banks with each other in the end the situation.

Opt vm pomhme s danmi


Citibank changes its strategy and focuses more on services to its clients. It introduced a ten-thousandth Affordable loan, which it will provide to people with an income from 7,000 K istho msn. Pjka is also intended for pensioners and citizens of the Slovak Republic ijc and working in R.

Citibank started the new year by supporting loans for teachers. This is a consumer case without monitoring and without security. The minimum volume is 20 thousand, the maximum 600 thousand. crowns, the year ranges from 9.9% pa to 14.9% pa Issuing vr is simple, you can arrange a dog internet. Acne supply roen applies only to vry in the amount of 75 thousand. crowns (with a maturity of 60 or 72 msc), 100 thous. and 200 ths. crowns (with a maturity of 60 msc). If you do not use the offer, it is not among the cheapest.

Citibank has introduced a new security element of internet banking. It introduced the obligation for all Internet banking users to use one application to log in to the Internet, in addition to the name and password (chosen by the client). This is an authorized key that generates a Security Key box for each login reminding the calculator, which the client will receive or pick up at the bank’s branch. Prepare a one-time non-refundable fee of CZK 450 on the calculator.


Banks are waiting in advertising campaigns for suitable products, but beware and be interested in the fees associated with the new service. It is commendable that Citibank has focused on sending security to its clients, but it is a question whether it is up to 450 crowns for many customers, new and existing. If the fee is refused, the customer loses the opportunity to use the internet banking. esk spoitelna and GE Money bank went to their rates, but we can only keep a dramatic reduction in the fee.