Anyone who has any income in 2006, whether from employment or business, can apply various tax rebates. The basis for the calculation of income taxes can be dreamed, for example, by the holder of the ZTP card, the person who donated blood for free or provided a gift for science, education, culture and customs.

The majority of citizens claim years in return from the mortgage and the building society, the contribution to the supplementary pension or life insurance. Advisor František Brabec answered the questions.

85. For the year 2006, I paid a year from the building society in the amount of 24,000 crowns. Can I apply for the whole tax return? How do I have to submit documents?

As an area of ​​tax returns, you need to provide proof of building societies about paid years. Since the beginning of the year is based on a number of conditions (ownership, permanent residence of the taxpayer or just families), it is possible that the financial department will ask to provide additional proof of the contract of employment, entry from the real estate cadastre, clear view of households and permanent residence. The practice in this direction has been somewhat inconsistent in recent years, sometimes it was confirmed, other times it was necessary to prove and give you documents.

86. In 2005 I paid a year from the mortgage, for the years paid I did not have a tax return for the year 2005. Can I dream of a tax return for this amount in the tax return for 2006?

This non-taxable tax can be deducted from the tax base only in the year in which it was paid. For the year 2005 you may have to submit an additional tax return.

87. Last year I donated blood twice. The first subscription was free, the second I had paid for. How much do you want to pay for the tax? How did blood draw up?

Ask your collection office for a certificate of safe blood donation. One collection is valued at CZK 2,000.

Opt vm pomhme s danmi

88. I am a small business owner and every year I donate 20,000 crowns to the operation of a sports complex in our city. Jako drce mm at nvtv arelu 50% discount. Can I dream of this tax?

The law does not preclude the possibility of deducting from the foundation tax donations for public benefit, even if they are associated with the taxpayer gave benefits, such as discounts.

89. Production of wooden furniture and last year I donated a basic bicycle in the village 25 benches and 50 idl. The opening price is approximately 100,000 crowns, the current selling price is 150,000 crowns. I want to dream about this stack as a basis for the calculation of taxes. Which price mm do you put in the tax return?

When giving a non-monetary gift, taxpayers often make mistakes. Two do not deduct the tax base for the usual price of the gift provided (in the ordinary case and for the whole of 150,000 crowns), you are obliged to declare 150,000 crowns as a non-monetary income in the same way as if it had been paid. If you are a VAT payer, you are obliged to deduct VAT from this contact. It is actually a hidden amount of income and donations, and in fact it seems to be the same as if you sold the furniture and donated the pension to the bicycle.

90. Manelka is the holder of the ZTP order. According to the Income Tax Act, he can claim a tax rebate of 8400 crowns. In what way does the tax return mean that the wife is the holder of the said order?

I am not sure how it is at present in practice, but there should be a first decision on the issuance of the order, so I would provide a copy of this decision. But let me just send you a copy of the order.