Not removing fake news, Google was fined more than 10 million rubles by a Russian court
A Russian court fined Google 11 million rubles for not removing fake information about the Ukraine conflict and YouTube videos produced by pro-Ukrainian far-right groups.

The Tagansky District Court in Moscow, Russia, on April 21 announced that it had fined Google technology company 11 million rubles ($137,763) for not removing content that Moscow considers “fake” information about the conflict in Ukraine. and YouTube videos posted by Ukrainian far-right groups.

Earlier this month, Russia’s media watchdog Roskomnadzor said it was taking steps to punish Google for “spreading fake news” on the video-sharing platform YouTube, and had previously warned. American technology company that Moscow will impose penalties if the company does not comply with Russian law.

Last month, Russia also asked Google to stop spreading information that Moscow considers threatening Russian citizens on YouTube. Russia also blocked Google’s news aggregator service in March, claiming that the technology company allowed users to access fake information about Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin on March 4 also signed into law a law that imposes prison sentences of up to 15 years for those who publish false information about the Russian military.

The RIA news agency reported that Google has another lawsuit in Russia for distributing a YouTube video calling for a terrorist attack on Russia.

Dao Vu (According to Newspaper, Vietnamnet)