We will still get many questions to the editors who do not know how to fill in the tax return correctly. Here are the answers to most of them.

What about the application of a discount on children if they are aged and studying? In how many years does the sweat for feeding dt?

An unpaid dt-adult student actually plays a role in income tax in the following cases:

a) when applying for a student discount of CZK 2,400, a student of up to 26 years of age and a doctoral student of up to 28 years of age may apply here;

b) when applying the discount for the maintenance of CZK 6,000 crowns, it hereby literally defines who is considered a dependent child, that is, a child under the age of 26, if he / she is constantly preparing for a future permit;

c) for the possibility of applying the joint tax, the conditions are not stated here, but the paragraph on discounts on child defines the concept of maintenance for the whole con. Together, they can therefore apply the manel under the same conditions as the discount on maintenance if it is fulfilled for at least one hundred years.

If I extend my income to the three tax periods for the 2006 tax return, am I obliged to pay the health insurance only for the year 2006 (ie one-third), or again for the previous years 2005 and 2004?

The distribution of income for several years is paid only for tax, health and social insurance, the salary is always paid from the total in the year of payment of income.

Manel salary mortgage am first deducted for years. After their deduction, the tax base for 2006 is zero. Is he obliged to pay health insurance premiums from this zero tax base? If so, then how do you?

years from the mortgage are deducted only from taxes, from insurance, not health, 13.5 percent of the collection base and the collection base again 50 percent (half) of the income after the return.

I am a pensioner and a rented property, I deducted the actual costs from the rental income and applied for depreciation. All depreciation is not depreciated and now I would like to claim the costs in paula. What will happen to depreciation?

Depreciation is included in flat expenses, full depreciation must be recorded in the long term. In addition to rent, there is nothing left to rent, even if you pay for it.

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I own the property in which I live. She also rented it. Can I deduct 30 percent, or do I have to claim only the actual amount in proportion?

You can apply the data both by paula in 30 percent of the rental income, and in fact. Actual data relating to the whole house (for example, repair of the facade) may be used only in proportion to the rented space, such as half or aunt.

With my wife, she spins her building blocks. Do any of us dream of tax in the second year? If so, can this be done even if we are not a manel?

years of building society debts can be deducted from the tax base by all participants in the building contract tax, either one of the participants or all equally. Another option is conceived.

For a trade license through media advertising. When do I want to apply the pauln deduction, what percentage is it?

The intermediation of trade and services is free and it is covered by a paula of more than 50 percent.

This year, for the first time, I will give taxes as an OSV. Since June 2006 mm income from football as a game. I would like to apply the actual data. I don’t know what I can put in. I would like to know if the confirmation of purchase of everything needed for my activity must be original, or if I can submit copies. This is due to a later complaint. According to I want to ask if I have to write a cash receipt for each receipt and if I have to enter a penny.

The income of athletes is among the independent permits, where it is possible to apply a flat fee of more than 40 percent. For the possibility of applying the actual data, you need entry records. Because tax records have replaced the abolition of simple ethnicity and do not strictly prescribe its form, it is often kept in a similar way (money diary, invoice book, etc.). Individual documents must be originals, but do not go anywhere, on the contrary, the fee must archive them, and there will be no problem with any complaints purchased. Writing the tax documents for each receipt I consider to be useful, it is necessary to record the documents so that the entire tax record is probative (words, stick to the quarters). If you are unsure about keeping your records, I recommend that you either complete your knees, study the literature, or consult an expert.

What to do with the overpayment of social insurance for the year 2005, which was returned in March 2006?

The overpayment from the social security arises as a receivable and on the day of the report for the year 2005, so it is included in the income of the year 2006.

I am a student, I am not 18 years old and I would like to create a website for a salary. Is it possible for me to earn and not own a business certificate?

Minors have rights and duties, but they cannot acquire them with their own horses. As a matter of fact, the salary in principle does not reach the age of a child’s ability to receive income, but he does not conclude contracts independently and actively earn, with the exception of employment relationships, which we can conclude from the age of 15. Therefore, if the minor wants to do something out of time (play in the film, etc.), he must be represented in this matter by a final representative.