It is said that happiness doubles when you share it. That may be true. But how do you manage the finances when buying a house so that both partners are happy? A proposal for a solution.

LDear readers! Did you see the real meaning of today’s article heading? If that is not the case, contrary to expectations, then I will help you on your way. I have the impression that we humans share a lot, but not everything. It doesn’t seem to be a problem to share bed and table with each other, but when it comes to the house, i.e. money, friendship and love reach their limits. There is no other way I can explain why two people have told me in the past few days how difficult it was to finance the purchase of a house. That offered interesting insights into the depths of human souls. Because of the high entertainment value, I want to tell you the story in detail.

The protagonists are a “traditional” couple. He is 38 years old and she is 36 years old. The parents have two children, who are four and two years old. The man had 150,000 euros in the account, the woman had 100,000 euros on the high edge, and rolls of barbed wire lay between the accounts. Nevertheless, the couple bought a house with the quarter of a million that cost 800,000 euros. The “full-time man” brings home 6,000 euros a month after deducting all social security contributions and taxes, and the “part-time woman” earns 2000 euros net per month. What does the “fair” financing of the house look like in such households from the point of view that the marriage lasts, that it breaks up or that one parent dies?