Do you think you can’t do it? You might be wondering how many pensions you travel through the roads that you consider insignificant. Naute se vst domc etnictv. Every week, keep a full record of all income.

For rock uette and 10,000 crowns

You need to monitor both regular income, ie wages, profits from business, social institutions, and corporals, such as brigades or gifts and income from deposits, investments and the like. Write down the data in the same way.

This is daily, such as purchases, household expenses, stays, cola, travel expenses and the like. You will not forget the regular issue of rent, energy, installments, leasing and the like, irregular – large purchases, wheels for sale, holidays, fines and the like.

What do you find out? So you seemingly innocent ten crowns will grow into monstrous highs in a month and a year. You can buy a magazine on the way to work for twenty crowns and get it from a vending machine.

Instead of going to the dining room, where an edest of crowns would cost you, you go for a hundred days to fast food. On the way home, you will notice a DVD for 49 crowns in the newsagent’s. Buy it, because this movie has two full-length televisions.

Buy at a party where the prices are about thirty percent you do not have at a discount, where you do not want to. City 300 pay 390 crowns. You threw 210 crowns out the window in a day.

If you behaved similarly one day a week, it would be eight hundred thousand crowns for the month, ten thousand crowns for the year. And a new TV for you.

Keep pensions elsewhere. Jet nedpadnji. When was the last time you checked how much you pay for keeping a bank, a telephone operator for a paul, whether you don’t have an expensive insurance you don’t need, an inappropriate energy company tariff, an outdated internet connection, when two telecommunications companies offer a faster and cheaper company, and so on?

The best is “ern na blm”

Persistence until the turnover of the family budget by thousands of crowns. If you have information about your income and expenses “black on the flower”, it will be calculated better and it will be easier to find the black dry of your family budget. Choose at what time intervals you will write and evaluate the items.

Experts recommend weekly sub-contests, msn contests and ron evaluations. You can also monitor your pension with the help of a special pota program – some of which can be downloaded from the Internet. For example HERE.