Domestic insurance companies share a new database, which tracks all codes paid from compulsory liability since the year 2000.

For the idea, the accident will be significantly hampered, it would significantly increase the price of the mandatory car insurance – the system will start to work. So far, some people have tried to avoid the so-called malus, ie the increase in compulsory liability due to the code caused, by moving to another insurance company.

They simply did not report their traffic history and could start with the same thing without a hurt. The insurance companies did not inform each other about the two codes.

Fraudulent threat of reversing the visibility and health of the fuse

New look in the database and quickly find out how it goes in reality. But that doesn’t have to be in. Data from the year 2000 can be used by the insurance company to find out the old codes and adjust the current insurance of each person according to them.

People who did not tell the truth at the time of their agreement are obliged to make a significant increase in their liability. In some cases, even two and a half, which in the city of three thousand crowns, represents seven and a half thousand crowns.

After all, he can do it, but for now we will focus on the newly concluded insurance policy, according to Vclav Blek.

Another approach will be practiced by the Czech Business Association (PP). We will not check the star fuse pin. However, as soon as the client reports the new code, he will check its history, Jakub Strnad, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of PP.