The offer for financing housing needs is very wide, so it is sometimes a bit of a problem to find your way around. In terms of the volume of real estate provided, mortgages are used the most, and building societies also offer their alternative.

Specifically, it is a hellish vulture (sometimes the term intermediate gap is used), which are designed to hell the time when the client does not need to “bottom” of the building joint.

Conditions necessary for the provision of heat from the building savings

This claim arises and after fulfilling several conditions. First, the law on building savings stipulates that the length of the waiting period for the provision of heat may not be less than twenty-three months from the end of the building period. Under the condition, a savings urn is reached in the value of the salt and the amount of the advance payment is set. It is most often in more than forty percent of people, but this is not the rule. For example, in the case of older contracts, it is often necessary to save at least fifty percent of the tax.

Peklenovac vry similar to hypotkm

The first necessity to save first and at least two years to wait for the money from the building savings is disadvantageous compared to mortgages. Therefore, in recent years, building societies have been trying to offer clients hell-blasting plants with such parameters that they can compete with mortgages.

This is due to the fact that the total maturity of such a period can reach up to thirty years, which ensures the payment. Like mortgages, these infernal hoses are designed for a pump outlet, so that clients can force them to use the apartment and the house. In most cases, the property must be secured and can be used immediately after concluding the building savings contract, ie without any previous connection. In some of these hellishings, the typical characteristics of the building provided by building societies are also errors, and this is the rate for years for the entire maturity period.

Classic hellish boil

Building societies also offer a bag of other types of hellish wells, which are mainly used for financial reconstruction and repairs, or to buy cheap real estate. For example, in the above-mentioned infiltration types of mortgages, their total maturity is shorter.

Clients often draw on them, to ensure you do not have to build a property, but a guarantor, for certainty they are provided even without collateral. The rate at which you and the owner will depend on the way in which the contract is secured and on how long the contract lasts and how much is spent on it.

This does not mean that they could not be used to finance costly projects. The division of hellings into “mortgages” and “others” is only approximate and cannot be easily obtained, because each savings bank has its own offer of a product that differs from different parameters.

How does peklenovac vr

If the client arranges a hellhound, he must meet the conditions for assigning a “long-term” heat from the building savings and pay for the years of the hell. It does not wash all the time, so its total costs can be quite high. It is repaid in one installment, with a surplus from the building savings and a deposit from the deposit here.

Overview of infernal buildings of individual building societies

The tables below show the actual hellishment of two of the six building societies. We provide an overview of the offer of other savings banks in the following comment. However, this overview cannot be used to compare the offers of individual savings banks with each other, it would require much more information. However, it is clear from it how and according to what characteristics building societies differentiate their products.

Raiffeisen stavebn spoitelna

Raiffeisen stavebná spoitelna currently offers seven different hellish doors, two of which are designed specifically for existing clients. If the prescribed conditions are met, they do not require proof of income and the rates are slightly lower:

1/ vr Without ekn existing clients who have concluded a building association contract with the anticipated allocation of a contact fee of up to fifteen months from the company may be forced to do so by hell. Its arrangement is free of charge.

2/ vr Good znm get a client in case if no later than twelve months before the initiative enough about its provision has occurred to any of the following events:

* peklopen peklenovacho vru na vr ze stavebnho spoen * paid off from the building savings * repaid hellish heat after at least two years of this heat * the date of termination of the building savings contract after the end of the period of time, the balance on the building savings at the time of termination was at least fifty percent of the membership fee (including not yet written support)

vr na financial housing he can get one million crowns without the need to secure it with a mortgage first to the property. U vru horizon the client can choose the method and up to three hundred thousand crowns the real estate is required, if the client uses it, he will get a lower annual rate. vr Vzjemn dvra spoitelna provides without the client’s income, the one-year rate is therefore a bit higher and a maximum of three million crowns can be obtained in this way.

vr Nzk hypospltka should serve as an alternative to mortgages. The total payment period is extended in comparison with other infernal vry, thanks to this and thanks to the reduced contribution to the number of building savings, the debt is burdened by other payments.

The rates shown in the table decrease by 0.1%, if the client agrees to be insured in the event of death and permanent consequences, this does not apply only to the year without waiting.

Raiffeisen stavebn spoitelna
nzev pekl. wanted minimum down payment (% of C) years rate typ vru special requirements for security
Without ekn

pidlen dnho vru do max. 15 msc

3,4% *

vr without demonstrable income, for existing clients

Good znm 0% 4,80%

vr without demonstrable income, for existing and “recent” clients

Drustevn lived 10% 6,30%

post two ruitel – zstava nem. is not required for exits

horizon 0%

4.7% with // 5.9% without remaining.

Nzk hypospltka 0% 4,60%

vdy zajitn nem. or a mortgage first to the receivable, bank statement and their combination

spectrum 10% 4,9% – 6,9% (dle ve H)
Vzjemn dvra 0% 5,90%

vr without prokazovn pjm

always secured by the state. owned by the applicant or a person close to

Notes: H = value value, C = target value* vr “Without ekn”: in case of delay with more than those agreed deposits, the rate is 5.4%years, the rate is reduced by 0.1%, if it is agreed for the event of death and permanent consequences at once – pay only for the year “Without waiting”

Stavebn spoitelna esk spoitelny

Stavebn spoitelna S offers two types of infernal incl. How they differ from each other is shown in the following table. vr HYPO TREND is again an example of vru, which will represent my mortgage. Compared to TREND, its msn payments are lower and can be met in ten years. This allows the recipient to draw a volume of the same volume while maintaining the same installment.

Stavebn spoitelna esk spoitelny
nzev pekl. wanted minimum down payment (% C) years rate min. msn payment (years from hell plus plus spoen) total maturity
TREND 0% a 20% 6.35% (fixed for the entire maturity period) 0,85% z C a 18 let
20% a vce 0,70% z C
HYPO TREND 0% 4.85% (fixed for the entire maturity period) 0,58% z C a 28 let
3.95% (variable – fixed only for the first 3 years) 0,52% z C

Poznmky: C = clov stka

In total msn payments depend on vru TREND on vi potenho balance on the deposit here. If the client has at least twenty percent of the person’s credit at the time of the request for an infernal loan, his monthly payment will reach 0.70 percent of the amount of the person’s fee. If you can save me, the payments will be you (0.85 percent of the duty). years rate is compared to the long-term HYPO TREND by quite you.

U vru HYPO TREND The client can choose between a fixed annual rate, which does not change throughout the maturity period, and a variable rate, fixed only for three years. The variable rate is currently lower, but over the years it may change according to current market conditions. The choice of rate is also determined by the amount of the monthly payment (0.52 percent or 0.58 percent of the total amount.)

We will provide a detailed overview of the offer of hellings in the building societies HYPO, Modr pyramida, Wstenrot and MSS in further comments.