Potovn spoitelna adjusted its rates in the usual year of the year, with the exception of prices upwards. The last time the tariff was changed was in June. What will clients have to pay for?

In the light of the last few weeks, when GE Money Bank introduced its “genile” accounts with a single flat fee, we must want to ask a question. Isn’t the tariff increased simply as a result of a loose cancellation fee for outgoing payments and go back one step? Press release Potovn spoitelny (according to PS only) this statement is understandable, or the “question” will be set by us.

The right to the tariff affected a total of 18 items of weight, which are paid for clients of so-called retailers, ie natural persons of non-entrepreneurs. We found only two of them, their prices actually fell. Both relate to the Handicap uren program for ZTP card holders, specifically the management fee where the original client paid 15 crowns, now only 9 crowns are issued.

The second item is the msn fee for uvn one of the novelties of PS – Max Homebanking PS Online. Postirov you offer a new service to clients with the Handicap and Plus programs for free. Tm ovem vet snench item of the new tariff unfortunately con.

Postirov’s enthusiasm was upset

The prices of selected items, which PS clients are now forced to pay, have risen by seven and one hundred percent. The biggest increase, ie with changes of 100%, was met by the fee for depositing the money with a cash receipt for the postage programs Junior, Senior and Handicap. He paid 2 crowns for the client to go to the end of this year’s burrow, now a bag for 4 crowns. On the contrary, a minimal increase of 7% affected the item in the tariff marked as leading Maxkarta to the post-dark team (except for the Mini and Junior programs). Maxkarta lost one crown, ie from 15 to 16 crowns msn.

bad customer

Failure to pay debts is not paid

The second item, which touched the most healthily, by a quarter, is a reminder to settle the non-negotiated debit balance. The long, just unjustifiably overdrawn the rest of his account, should be motivated to re-evaluate his account.

It also succeeded first and gave calls for the most productive products (consumer loans, credit cards and permitted overdrafts), but not so drastically. The difference between the old and the new fee is 50 crowns (originally 300 crowns, now 350 crowns). PS thus probably responds to the growing level of the portfolio. Compared to the previous period (2005), its clients drank a pension for more than their aunt in 2006.

However, reminders are not the only healthy items in the area of ​​vr, changes can also be seen by clients without problems with fulfillment. They pay 6 crowns more for the first time and the management of consumer debts (including but not intended for housing).

New spring services

A new item in the PS menu, in addition to the mentioned online Max homebanking, is insurance against unfulfilled employment in the event of loss of employment or incapacity for work. She appreciated this novelty by three percent of the roll provided, which was divided into the client’s installments. The bank does not examine the client’s health condition when concluding insurance.

  • Changes in the tariff of the Potovn spoitelny fee with activity from March 1, 2007 HERE
  • PS clients can go in the spring months to the number of merchant cashiers, where they can withdraw cash when paying for a purchase. Dalbem washing CashBack should probably be Penny Market. This change should, however, at least for the foreseeable future, remain free of charge. So let’s see if the products are new, among other things in the form of new images of the Vratn lahve payment card, to satisfy its clients.