The statutory health insurance companies are losing more and more customers to the competition. For years it was the other way around. There now seems to be a growing fear of benefit cuts. That is what makes private insurers flourish.

Better treatment?  In 2014, the Northwest Hospital in Frankfurt set up this comfort room for private patients only.

Dhe private health insurers breathe a sigh of relief. For years they have lost more insured persons to statutory health insurance than they gained from them. This migration has now stopped. According to information from the FAZ, the positive balance in 2019 was around 12,000 people. In 2018 there were only 800, before that the GKV had been ahead for six years. The most serious losses of private individuals were in 2013, when they gave up 37,300 customers. This comes from data from the Association of Private Health Insurance (PKV).

The latest development will be presented by the end of the month. According to this, there were around 146,000 transfers to private health insurance in 2019, compared to 134,000 withdrawals to the statutory health insurance funds. In 2018 there were 133,700 transfers and 132,900 departures, so the association did not want to speak of normalization yet. But now PKV association director Florian Reuther told the FAZ: “For the second year in a row, more people are switching from statutory to private health insurance than the other way around. A trend reversal seems to be taking place here, which of course makes us happy. “