Life insurance policies are usually tailored to the specific client, they are generally difficult to compare. It is best to get an offer from more connected, or contact a consultant who has an overview of more conditions.

To insure or spoit separately?for thirty years he wants to be connected and at the same time go to retire. What is suitable for him? To conclude a life insurance contract, or to pay risks and invest the remaining pension on your own?

How we swamWe compared two ways for my client to proceed. In both cases, it will pay you thousands of crowns msn. Either they are the same insurance company in the insurance policy, or choose insurance insurance and what is left after the payment of the insurance premium is invested in mutual funds.

How much will mt be in twenty years?If he closes only the risks and will be able to invest, he will gain after twenty years and by 70 thousand crowns more. And we considered this with only a five percent appreciation of the investment, while the insurance companies expected an appreciation of eight percent. Co nen pln reln. If we traveled with the same profit as the insurance companies, a separate fund would spend a quarter of a million crowns or more.

The more cost-effective method is more laborious, if the client does not want to worry about anything, it will be better to close capital or investment life for him. It is a more convenient option, but pensions are unavailable in the insurance for a long time.

Capital or investment life insuranceConditions:him 40 years, insurance for 20 yearsinsurance 3,000 crowns msninsurance 500,000 crowns

Vhody: you don’t have to worry about anything me apply tax deductions

Disadvantages: In the case of premature termination of the contract, a very low return, even if the terms of the contract are met, the result may not reach the expected value of the contract. inputs subject to tax 15%

An overview of individual offers can be found HERE

Risk insurance and investments in mutual funds

Conditions:him 40 years, insurance for 20 yearsinsurance according to the insurance companyinsurance 500,000 crownscontribution to mutual fundsis 3,000 minus insurancepedpokldan rated 5%

Vhody: pensions from the fund can withdraw me at any time entries after half a year are not subject to tax

Disadvantages: uncertain profit can not apply odeet from dan

An overview of individual offers can be found HERE

Choose from it

  • pay only for the risk cover, don’t worry if you don’t get anything when you say the insurance
  • when you reach the end of the insurance, you will receive an insurance policy and a guaranteed deposit from the spoen
  • pay the investment to cover the risk and other pensions the insurance company invests according to your income, valued is not guaranteed