Revealing the world's first exascale supercomputer
The US-built Frontier supercomputer has officially been recognized as the world’s fastest, ranking first in the list of Top500 world supercomputers.

ThMr. Nien Information from IT Pro said that the first exascale supercomputer to appear on the list called Frontier impressed with the computing power of 1,102 Exaflop/s in the Linpack benchmark.

Frontier is located at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in Tennessee. This supercomputer has 9,408 computing nodes, each containing a 64-core AMD Trento CPU with 512 GB of RAM.

As the world’s most powerful supercomputer, Frontier is expected to reach even higher speeds with a theoretical peak performance of 2 Exaflops per second. Experts say supercomputers will have a significant impact in important areas such as diagnosis and prognosis of cancer and diseases, drug discovery, renewable energy as well as the production of new materials to create new materials. safe and sustainable products.

In addition to modeling and simulating complex scientific studies across the biological, physical and chemical sciences, Frontier will also make powerful breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI). The exascale speed will allow Frontier users to develop AI models almost 5 times faster and 8 times larger. As such, they will be able to train more data to increase predictability and speed up discovery time.

Zing said supercomputing has long been an area of ​​great power competition. Initially, machines the size of this room were used to decode codes and design weapons. Now, they also play an important role in vaccine development, testing new car designs and modeling climate change.

The US dominated the field for decades, but China has also become a formidable opponent. China has 173 systems on the latest Top500 list, compared with 125 in the US.

Dao Vu (Th)