Many people decide whether pensions belong to banks, funds and events, or whether it is better to leave them at home under the field. Inflation will erode them in the straw. You won’t get rich on a safe and secure bank here either, but at least reduce or even erase its impact. If you don’t mind the risk, you can also try the shares today. But sp through the fund.

Disputes on bank deposits grew by more than three percent last year on the most appropriate years, only if inflation cut six percent of them, they also depreciated.

Do you want security or inputs?

This year, inflation is currently hovering around the full percentage and it is expected that it will be longer. The director of Next Finance, Markta ichtaov, estimates that in 2009 it will be 1.6 percent. According to analysts, banking years will also fall with n.

If you have two advantages over inserts, they can also be a good choice. Even with regard to the fact that there are deposits insured up to the equivalent of 50 thousand euros.

Possibility of caution is also a building connection. If you save 1,700 crowns, you will pay the most. The year, which ranges between one and two percent, is not reversible, but the pension is worth a year and three thousand crowns of support, if you leave them here for at least six years. In addition, they are insured in the same way as in banks.

Pension funds are in the long run. According to Patrik Vyroubal from the Atlantic company, financial markets are a good time for those who want to save for a long time and do not care.

There are few banks, but are you afraid of mutual funds? You can try a hedge fund that guarantees that after a while, usually in three and six years, you will get back your investment plus returns. And when the fund fails in time, get what you put into it.

The biggest gain and loss

For mutual funds, no one will return the deposited pension. According to Patrik Vyroubal, the throw is for those who are not afraid to take risks. The least risky is the investment in money market mutual funds. With a bond and exchange fund that puts your “nose” on the capital markets, you risk as well as your hopes.

You can wipe the biggest profit, but also the loss, in equity funds, which pay me money for shares. “It is advisable to invest over a period of several years in order to reduce the risk of a sudden decline in the value of the investment,” said Patrik Vyroubal. Markta ichtaov estimates that the share price will go stagnant and fall slightly for several weeks. Bond prices will rise or stagnate.

If you want to take risks with the vision of a large return, put a maximum of ten and twenty percent of your disputes into the equity fund. Consult an expert.