Cần lưu ý những gì khi dùng dung dịch vệ sinh cốc nguyệt san?

In the past, women used to use tampons for “red light” days, but now, many women have switched to using menstrual cups. Even so, this is still considered a fairly new product. Using a menstrual cup will help save money by reusing the cup for many years. However, how about cup hygiene? Should or should not use menstrual cup cleaning solution?

Should I use menstrual cup cleaner?

Menstrual cup is a product for women in the days of menstruation. A special feature of menstrual cups is that compared to tampons, menstrual cups can be used many times during many menstrual periods. You can even use a menstrual cup for up to 6-7 years.It is also because of repeated use in different menstrual periods, so the hygiene of the menstrual cup needs special attention. Cleaning the menstrual cup is very necessary because the cup will be what is inserted into the vagina during the “red light” days. Those are the days when bacteria can easily get in. If you only wash your menstrual cup under clean running water, it cannot be guaranteed.Many experts recommend using a menstrual cup cleaner to clean bacteria and prevent the cup from yellowing. Cleaning the cup clean not only prevents bacteria from entering the vagina, but also helps maintain the durability of the cup for a longer time. Therefore, using a cleaning solution for menstrual cups is extremely necessary and advisable.

What should be paid attention to when using menstrual cup cleaning solution? Menstrual cup after use has a lot of bacteria, so it is very important to clean it with a special cleaning solution

What should be paid attention to when using menstrual cup cleaning solution?

Although you should use the solution Hygiene for menstrual cups but also pay special attention to cleaning is not simply helping to clean the cup. Improper cup cleaning can affect the vagina such as causing infection, invading bacteria, affecting reproductive health, etc.

  • Find and buy menstrual cup cleaning solution at reputable distributors in the market. You can refer to the products of the brand that you bought the menstrual cup there.
  • Choose the right cleaning solution. Never use too strong cleaning solutions.
  • After washing with a sanitary solution, it is still advisable to rinse with clean water before being inserted into the vagina.
  • Choose cleaning products specifically for menstrual cups.
  • Even if the menstrual cup is dirty, you should also use the solution with the right amount, do not overdo it on the cleaning solution.
  • Wash your hands before and after cleaning the menstrual cup with sanitizing solution.

How to properly clean your menstrual cup? The menstrual cup should be properly cleaned to ensure that it does not irritate the vagina when used

The secret to using the right menstrual cup cleaning solution

Using a menstrual cup will help women be more confident in the “red light” days. At the same time, menstrual cups also bring a lot of economic and aesthetic value, … Here are a few shares for women to use cleaning solutions for the right menstrual cup.

Choosing a solution specifically for menstrual cups

There are many types of cleaning solutions for menstrual cups on the market. However, not all are suitable for use. You need to find a special solution for menstrual cups. This will help the menstrual cup after being cleaned does not cause irritation in the vagina. The best way is that where you buy a menstrual cup, you should buy a cleaning solution distributed by that brand.

Choosing a solution specifically for menstrual cups Use products suitable for menstrual cup cleaning

Check ingredients and instructions before use

Although brands advertise cleaning solutions that are safe to use for menstrual cups, women should still check the ingredients themselves. Check if the ingredients contain substances that cause irritation and affect the vagina. In addition, you also need to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions for use before using.

Do not choose cleaning solutions with fragrances

For the vagina, the use of fragrances will affect the pH of the vagina, potentially making it easier for bacteria to penetrate. Therefore, for feminine hygiene solutions or cleaning solutions for menstrual cups, women should not choose products containing fragrance.

Some types of menstrual cup cleaning solutions are trusted

With the diversity and strong development of the market, various types of cleaning solutions for menstrual cups appear more and more. Refer to some types of cleaning solutions for menstrual cups that many women trust to choose.

Lincare Rose menstrual cup cleaner

With extracts from natural ingredients, Lincare Rose is considered safe for women’s private area. Cleaning the cup with Lincare Rose cleaning solution will help antibacterial, deodorize and clean the cup effectively and safely. Women can also use it to clean the intimate area.

Miaa Clean menstrual cup cleaner

100% of the ingredients in Miaa Clean’s menstrual cup cleaner are of natural origin, made in the USA. This is an outstanding advantage that brings safety to users because of the benign nature of natural ingredients. The product is designed in a spray form that creates a foam, extremely convenient and easy to use.

Miaa Clean menstrual cup cleaner

Miaa Clean menstrual cup cleaner can be used for both intimate hygiene and menstrual cup cleaning.

Lunette menstrual cup cleaner

Lunette is a menstrual cup cleaner that is free of alcohol and vaginal irritating ingredients. As a brand from Finland, Lunette is designed in an easy-to-use gel form, extracted eucalyptus and lemon essential oils, safe and superior cleaning.

Sanitizing solution for menstrual cup MTwash

Korea is the home of the MTwash menstrual cup hygiene product line with 100% safe, non-irritating natural ingredients. With a compact and convenient spray design, MTwash can follow you anywhere. MTwash’s superior cleaning and bactericidal performance will extend the life of your menstrual cup.

Sanitizing solution for menstrual cup MTwash The ingredients are of natural origin so it is very safe and benign

Ovacare menstrual cup cleaner

This is said to be a specialized product used in cleaning menstrual cups after each use that many women trust. High safety, absolutely no irritation to the vagina but still clean, kill bacteria, remove yellow stains, odors quickly. You can also take it with you when you go out because of its compact design, using a handy spray nozzle.

Ovacare menstrual cup cleaner The spray-on cleaning solution is convenient to use and easy to carry

Using a menstrual cup is no longer a novelty for modern women. Therefore, women need to pay attention and take proper care of menstrual cup products to protect the safest private area. The use of menstrual cup cleaning solution is necessary and should be purchased at reputable, genuine and quality places.

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