Should I use a more secure PIN or password on Windows 10?

Windows 10 defaults to users using a Microsoft account to log in to the computer. At the same time, Windows 10 also allows to use use PIN code (Personal Identification Number) to be able to quickly log in to Windows 10 instead of entering a Microsoft account password. So in the Microsoft account PIN and password, you should use a more secure PIN or password on Windows 10, let’s find out with

I. The PIN code on each device is unique – Yes no 2.

Every PIN code on windows 10 can only be used on that device, only on 1 device. PIN cannot log into Microsoft account like password, so it is extremely safe with your Microsoft account.

Why is it necessary to use a PIN without using a microsoft account password?

Microsoft account password is a string of characters including numbers and letters that requires strict security, so it is difficult to type and often mistyped. Therefore, if you log in to your computer with your Microsoft account password, it will take a long time to re-type the password or type it wrong. This is the reason PINs are preferred to log in to computers.

How to set up (set) Windows 10 login PIN

II. Should I use a more secure PIN or password on Windows 10?

In fact, using a Microsoft password to log in to a PC is actually more of a risk. Because Microsoft account password is related to many services like Outlook email, Xbox account, Microsoft Store. So, if you use a lot to log in to your computer, you are more likely to be exposed and bad guys can take advantage of this to steal your Microsoft account.

It is for the above reason Microsoft The recommendation for most users is to set a strong password for the Microsoft account and then use an optional PIN to sign in to the computer. This will keep your Microsoft account protected, and let us log in to the computer as quickly and easily as possible.

There are no downsides to setting up a PIN, what it gives is a fast login to the computer. Besides, there is no problem with the PIN code error because it is only used to log in to the device.

Note that you can use a PIN when connecting to your PC via Remote Desktop and enter the PIN to log in using Safe Mode. Make sure you still have a standard password handy for those situations.


At this point, you must have understood the answer to use a PIN or password to log in to Windows 10, right? If you are not sure, the tip will repeat that for Windows 10 it is recommended to use a microsoft account for logging in and out. set up login with PIN For security.