Annuity is a compensation that employees can use to compensate for loss of employment after work or sick leave. A number of people have already faced financial discrimination. Paradoxically, the rising minimum wage cut their rent by hundreds of crowns. In Czech, it is filled with two binders and where she had access to the prop. That’s the bag.

Kooperativa pojiovna completed one granted annuity without any rights. The Czech insurance company, with each call for a minimum wage, paid for the payment of annuities and, paradoxically, it happened that the employee was gradually paid less and less.

In some cases, the right to the payment of annuities has even completely disappeared from damaged employees, explains the public protégé, Anna Abatov, who repeatedly criticized the procedure. They were supplemented by people working in the job professions with general salaries. The editorial staff has repeatedly pointed out cases of financial discrimination.

As of June 1, 2018, the amendment to the Labor Act eliminates the existing differences in the approach of binders. A number of people who have suffered once at work or have contracted an illness after a number of years will be able to recharge after many years.

Annuity represents the difference between income after work and the diagnosis of sick leave and the income that an employee would have if he were healthy. If there is a number of work in the records and there is no income, then the end of the work is considered to be his current debt to the minimum wage. The original contributions of employees before the one and the illness from the leave are, of course, valoris, but not as fast as the minimum wage has risen in recent years.

Newly, the minimum wage valid at the time when, after a time or illness, an authorized employee first registered for a number of jobs is reflected in the rent. The difference will not be paid back, but due to damage in the records of the work series, the rent in the new year will be paid from 1 June.

The recalculation of annuities concerns not only civilian employees, but also former members of the security forces and soldiers on leave.