You know to urinate from your surroundings someone who has received a bond once only by exchange. Although it was convinced that my salary on the insurance premium was enough. So what’s the problem? Several mistakes could have been made. Let’s advise you to avoid them.

What is good to know about life insuranceOrientation in the general connection is very difficult for a layman. At present, we can find several boards connected in the Czech Republic and each of them offers a different product. Since most of the once connections are a set of life fuses, let’s take a closer look at their principle.

life insurance falls into these basic categories. The first category is capital life insurance, the second investment life insurance and the last risk insurance. The main purpose of life insurance is the insurance protection of insured persons with the possibility of long-term savings. In the event of an insurance event (called sickness, full disability pension, etc.), the insurance company pays the insured the agreed insurance premium. In the case of a person insured, the insurance indemnity is paid out in full by the person (the person designated by the insured, specified in the contract).

The full amount is the insurance policy, or the value of the capital (for capital and investment insurance), depending on which of the benefits is you. The selected insurance companies pay both, ie the insurance premium and the capital value. On the contrary, the day component is not paid for risk insurance and only the insurance policy is paid.

Once the connection then contains the connection in case of death caused by the connection, the connection of permanent consequences and the connection less once. In the event of a single full insurance, either as a percentage for the time necessary only from the basic insurance policy, or daily two. If someone is left with a lasting result once in a while, the insurance company will continue to pay for this lasting result. It is necessary to emphasize that this full case usually and after two years from the time when the result lasted for the most part is definitively confirmed.

However, if someone has agreed once to connect only with full in case of permanent consequences, it is not connected once in normal times. Whether it is better to fill at once a day or a percentage for the necessary period of time, the joint leaders are constantly fighting for it. A high-quality insurance policy is fully responsible for the lasting consequences of the so-called progress, ie in the case of a permanent permanent result, a percentage of the number of the basic insurance policy.

Treasure from practiceMr. Kohoutek is a private company as a bricklayer, his master works as a salesman in a supermarket. Recently, they were visited by a representative from the insurance company, with the fact that they have become obsolete insurance and it is therefore necessary to adjust it to conditions that correspond to the standard days of the time.

Manel Kohoutek has taken out life insurance policies from 2000 to six years. It is important for both of them to be connected to death from any pins at 150,000 K. According to them, a high-quality connection is important for them. This happened to Mr. Kohoutek once a year ago. The mass was divided and eventually received only 1700 K. As it is not satisfied with this full, it requires a better connection with a better cover in the future. The connection consultant recommended that they change the original contracts to new, modern products.

You invite the new contract before signingManel Kohoutek was offered a change in insurance contracts. First of all, you need a good time connection, but at the same time there are usually possible losses during unchanged changes of your programs.

If the insurance company comes up with a proposal to change the contract, it is always necessary to bring it up. It is not good to change a contract when its very nature does not allow it. And how do you know that? If, when changing the contract, the insurance company offers only an addendum to the original contracts and only the required parameter changes, it is in the form. If the only option of changing the contract is to pay for another, it is necessary to be careful. In the Czech Republic, it is common that under this change, the insurance contract is new to me, nor would the client realize that he has lost the original conditions. This process is suitable for conversion and is completely suitable for binders.

It follows that we recommend Manel Kohoutkov if he cannot change the conditions of existing life insurance, because they could eventually end up in a change of conversion. These are old-date contracts, and changing them would not necessarily benefit.

We will focus on the one-time connection. This will change and ruin most contracts. In the case of old-date fuses, the bag may be included in the contract itself. Therefore, it is necessary in this case to consider another connection in the form of a risk insurance contract, not the contract change itself.

What to look out for once againBone compensation is paid once in the case of the connection time necessary only once, or the daily allowance is paid once. How is the difference between them? In the case of full payment for the necessary period (then in percent), the payer will receive an additional percentage of the stated insurance policy. In most contracts in the Czech Republic, this amount is around 20 thousand crowns. This is also true of Mr. Kohoutek. If he lived for a whole year, he would receive compensation from the agreed insurance policy, in the case of one month a fairly proportional amount of these insurance policies.

The second variant of compensation is the insurance of daily compensation in case of once. This compensation is paid for each day only by the agreed daily door (eg 200 K). Each time it has its maximum filling for a certain number of days. There are bags of insurance companies that can be insured against this restriction. You should also pay attention to the so-called waiting period, ie the minimum period during which you must participate in the consequences at once in order to be entitled to a claim on insurance benefits at all. This time is given in days and I can be e.g. 7 and 8 days, but 15 or 18 days.

Another important issue with one-time insurance is the group’s risk assessment. This is determined by the insurance company for the price of insurance. The risk group depends primarily on the profession, or on the sports. As a bricklayer, Mr. Kohoutek is associated with the type of risks of the group and therefore you also pay insurance. The risks of the group are determined by the insurance company itself. It is therefore advisable to ask for more binders. On the insurance market, there are also products that have a set price of one-time fuses for all the same and do not connect only the insurance company listed permits. This connection is paid for primarily by participants with risk permits or sports. The insurance is usually not included in the group’s risks.

If the participant changes his / her bond during the course of the bond and thus gets into other risks of the group, it is necessary to deal with the change of the bond. In the event that the participant is insured in the course of increased risk in such a way that he does not belong to the original risks of the group, the insurance company may refuse to pay the full benefit in the event of an insurance event, or to fully reduce it.

The shortening or refusal of the insurance indemnity in the event of a one-off payment can be expected even if the health questionnaire is filled in incorrectly, thanks to which the participant was accepted into the insurance.

We recommend Manel Kohoutkov that they only take out a single bond once in the mentioned possibility and leave the original contract bet as they signed it a few years ago.

Hints and tipsWhen deciding on all products, consider not only their advantages, but also the disadvantages that are not mentioned in advertisements, at retailers or on the books.

When selecting a bond, ask for more bonding. You can thus achieve suitable conditions.

It is necessary to report the change of permission. Often you will get into other risks of the group and premium payments may change.

Speak the truth when asking the questionnaire. Otherwise, the insurance company could cut or even refuse your insurance benefit.

Even the accession to the European Union (the argument of some interconnectors) is not a reason to change the insurance, which has not yet expired on the date specified in the original contracts.