This year, companies vigorously added food to employees. The value of the most frequented meal voucher thus increased from eight to one hundred crowns. Brigdnci also receive meal vouchers as a bonus.

When Barbora and Jana go for admiration, they always get a little disgraceful. When paying, Jana pulls out a meal voucher for 90 crowns from his wallet, plus a five-crown doll and leaves. That Barbora is healthy according to. Always go around twenty crowns of piplc to a seven-koruna meal voucher.

If I can’t find a small thing, I’d rather pay the whole hundred and have the meal voucher to the store. I think that the employer should take into account the value of the sale of lunch and work, I am a young woman who works in a Jihlava trading company.

Although there are dissatisfied people, the companies have been very busy this year. Stokorun’s meal voucher has a rocket entry, only eight percent of employees had to drive it three years ago, to Ji Brych, who is in charge of meal vouchers at Edenred. Today, a hundred percent of 21 percent of employees receive a food voucher. The companies added an average of cadmi employees 14.8 crowns.

There is a record not only growth in the contribution to the canteen, but also the number of employees who use it. Two ron contributions increased only in the average around five crowns, Ji Brych completes.

Benefit pro brigdnky

Employees this year at the post of brnnsk Masaryk University. At the end of the holidays, the price of meal vouchers for cola workers jumped from eight to one hundred crowns.

We went out to meet our employees. On the one hand, it was agreed in the collective agreement, and on the other hand, the university reflects the growing costs of the canteen, say Tereza Fojtov, Communication Director of Masaryk University.

Meal vouchers are the same benefit as working hours, contributions to pension insurance or corporate stamps. According to the end of the work, the employer has to set aside time for people to eat, but they have no obligation to contribute to it. Today, meal vouchers are taken for granted by employees as a matter of course, such as Jitka Soukov, marketing manager of Grafton Recruitment.

According to the current data of the Profesia portal. cz m meal vouchers as a benefit 49 percent of employees in the Czech Republic. In addition, the difficult situation on the labor market caused the company to distribute meal vouchers as a bonus for payments and brigdnkm. In addition to the fixed salary, we will also receive meal vouchers fully paid by the company and a contribution to transport, one of the brigades of the Brno call center enjoys it.

Meal vouchers are among the benefits, even though the idle has swung under them a few times. He proposed with the proposal to abolish the tax on discounted meal vouchers among the first hundred ODS deputies for Topolnek’s government in 2008. At that time, in addition to the provider, the restaurants who feared the flats also opposed the site. Later governments also wanted to spend hundreds of millions of crowns on meal voucher subsidies. The employer and the unions were always against it.

It is best for 118 crowns

How does the company tax my meal voucher? The income tax bill allows employers to pay a maximum of 55 percent of the price of a meal voucher. You leave this piece from the tax base. The remaining 45 percent is either paid by the employee, or the company can also pay him, but he does not have them to pay taxes. This is a general formula, but how much is it?

At the end of this year, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs increased the value of food allowances during business trips to 93 crowns per day. From this point, sweat can thus be recognized in the contribution to the board. That and 70 percent of this, ie and 65 crowns.

Therefore, if the employer uses the maximum tax deductible contribution and the castle 55 percent of the value of the meal voucher, a meal voucher worth 118 crowns is the most suitable tax for this year’s tax.

For the sake of interest, last year it was 109 and in the pedel 105 crowns. Inviting a meal allowance is a logical step, companies can invest in the cost and dream of the tax, and employees do not leave social and health insurance vouchers, warns Ji Brych.

According to him, the value of meal vouchers will continue to grow from year to year. In the first year, the proportion of hundred-crown meal vouchers will go sharply, so we will reduce the number of interest on meal vouchers with the values ​​to go, estimates Brych.

Although the company has two preferred preference for paper vouchers, electronic meal vouchers, which take the form of IP cards, are also gaining ground. According to the survey, the first employer applies to them more frequently and you will not pay for meal vouchers.

It tastes best at noon

Even though the price of meal vouchers increases, it is still possible to add food at noon. According to January data, another provider of meal vouchers, Sodexo Benefity, is traditionally the most expensive lunch in the capital and in the Middle East, where the party pays an average of 112 crowns. People pay more than a hundred crowns for a period in another Moravia, in other regions they can fit into hundreds.

The guest most often pays with meal vouchers from 80 to 110 crowns, to Gabriela Josefovsk from the Liberec restaurant Oechovka, where a noon soup with a main course costs 95 and 105 crowns. The lunch menu for 120 crowns and more is not an exception in the center of Liberec and in other regional cities. Don’t let the strings prepare yourself.

For more than half of the respondents to the Rondo Data survey, the longest day of the day is the first, where in the vast majority of days they prefer Czech cuisine over somersaults, garnished baguettes and fast food. Treat yourself as often as you can and a week and a week.

If the nominal value of meal vouchers increases, the employees can ask for it at the end of this year, when, according to experience, the company’s meal voucher provider most often adjusts its benefits.

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