Two first names and one is always called the wrong one? This problem can be solved thanks to a change in the law in November. Tens of thousands of diesel drivers and current account holders could also benefit from the innovations.

November brings not only colorful leaves, but also a few legal innovations.

First names

Wif he has several first names, the registry office can now change their order. So whoever is called Franz Ferdinand can become Ferdinand Franz. This makes it easier to see which name is the nickname. However, this only applies if the parents did not spell the double name with a hyphen: Franz-Ferdinand remains Franz-Ferdinand. You cannot change the spelling either, adding new first names or leaving out unloved ones is not possible.

One-for-all lawsuit

With the model declaratory action, consumer advocates get the opportunity to go to court on behalf of thousands of consumers. Those affected can be awarded the right to compensation without having to take the risk of litigation against a company. Only certain associations are allowed to take legal action. Anyone who wants to take part must register in a complaint register, at least 50 victims must come together. The Federal Association of Consumer Organizations in the diesel scandal wants to file the first model declaratory action against Volkswagen – on November 1st.

Current account costs

What does my current account cost including all fees? From November onwards, credit institutions must inform their customers about the total costs once a year. This also includes, for example, the interest on the overdraft facility or possible fees for paper transfers. Until now, consumers had to laboriously collect the information on the bank statement. In order to make it easier for consumers to compare checking account fees, the credit houses must also create a cost overview before concluding the contract to open an account. The institutes must adhere to certain terms that have been defined by the financial supervisory authority Bafin.

Marriage for everyone

Marriage for All finally arrives on the administration more than a year after its inception. From November 1st it can also be correctly entered in the marriage registers. Up to now there were only the entries “husband” and “wife”; in the case of gay and lesbian couples, one of the two was put in the wrong place. This has now been corrected, both partners are recorded as “spouses”.

Film funding

New guidelines for film funding have been in effect since Wednesday. Films and series for video platforms and television can be supported with 20 percent of the German production costs. For example, the multi-award-winning Babylon Berlin series was recently promoted from the pot. There is an extra budget for movies.