Tesla customers can feel like the avant-garde of motorists in Germany. But now hundreds of them have to repay the state subsidy.

Tesla's Model S is the only luxury electric car.

SBad news for hundreds of German customers of the American electric car manufacturer Tesla: As the responsible Federal Office for Economics and Export Control announced on Tuesday, around 800 buyers of the “Model S” have to repay the state subsidy for electromobility in the amount of 2,000 euros.

Affected are Tesla buyers who bought their car before March 6, 2018. The reason is the upper price limit for the subsidy called “environmental bonus”: an electric car is eligible if the basic model of the vehicle can be ordered at a net list price of a maximum of 60,000 euros.

Cheating on the price list?

At the end of last year, however, there were indications that Tesla was not delivering such a cheap base model. Instead, when ordering, customers would automatically have to book a “comfort package” that costs around 13,000 euros. Tesla had denied that.

Apparently, the Federal Office and the car manufacturer continued to negotiate what happens to the vehicles bought up until March 6th. Vehicles ordered after this date are still eligible, it said on Tuesday.

Fahrtbericht Tesla Model S:

Dieter, Norbert, Martin, watch out!

Driving report Tesla Model S: Dieter, Norbert, Martin, watch out!

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