The electric car manufacturer Tesla sees itself as a victim of unfair competition. A competitor is allegedly trying to obtain confidential information.

Tesla logo at an auto show

Tesla wants to hold its American competitor Rivian accountable for alleged theft of trade secrets. In a lawsuit due to unfair competition, the electric car pioneer accuses the rival of an “alarming scheme” to poach employees in order to gain access to confidential information. Rivian rejected this on Thursday.

The allegations are baseless and contradict Rivian’s corporate culture, ethos and guidelines, it said in a statement. The proceedings opened in a court in San Francisco are also directed against four former Tesla employees who are said to have defected with sensitive data to the counterparty.

Competition for the first electric pick-up

Tesla and Rivian are in fierce competition for the first electric car in the lucrative pick-up segment. Even if Tesla is much better known, the rival, which has been upgraded with billions of investors such as Ford, Amazon or the financial groups T. Rowe Price and Blackrock, could well have the edge in the end.