Banks have been increasingly aggressive in recent years. From the various advertising activities, the hunter then has the impression that the loan can be obtained in principle. Is the bag really like that?

Jak probhal test bake

We performed for vs test consumer incl. We sent the applicant to the bank to nine banks offering non-consumers. How did it turn out?

Test results: where to pay the least?

To circumvent the state, not definitively opt for one of the offers, it really pays off. How is the difference in total costs between the cheapest and the low cost?

Fees and APR: how to compare vry

In addition to the rate years, determine the total price of the fees. Which can you expect and how do you know? How many docks vr prodrait? Let’s advise you on how to compare individual offers.

To whom the bank (not) d vr

Bank conditions for those interested in vr do not be afraid to complicate, sometimes even unpleasantly surprise. What after vs bank will chtt, and go data on vr? How high a salary will you have to prove?

How to file a vr for a long time

You can file at the branch, but somewhere also by phone, internet, and even an ATM. Where are these possibilities current and what will it mean for a long-term company?

Consumer vry: promises versus reality

Promises in advertisements are tricky. To the extent that the bank is full, we tested it in practice, but we also filed a press report from the bank on scoring for adepts. How theoretically propoty from relnch?

MODEL’S BASE – enough by 50,000 K for 3 years

The time suitable for concluding compulsory liability for five years is bl. Which insurance company would be most suitable for vs?

Navtivte nai speciln plohu Povinn ruen 2006.