For comparison, we had the banks spend how much a student with an average financial breeding would spend. The services of ivnostensk banka will be the least, most often in Komern banka. The differences were mainly made by withdrawals from foreign ATMs.

How much is a student?

How much to pay msn student to whom:

  • they receive twice the pension from a foreign bank,
  • withdraw a ticket from your own ATM,
  • withdraws CZK 1,000 twice from a foreign ATM,
  • field of twice a pension to a foreign bank via the internet with a single order,
  • twice the collection will go from here to another bank,
  • once he receives a payment from his own bank,
  • let you send msn entry then.

Bonuses that offer banks to dark

esk spoitelna

  • discount program for Student + payment cards: discounts on goods and services at selected business partners (Humanic, GTS International, Hudy Sport, Olympus, Kanzelsberger Bookstore, TicketPro, Palace Cinemas, Fokus Optik, Adidas)
  • Participate in the bonus program when making card payments or recharge your mobile phone at an ATM, earning student points, which you can then exchange for rewards from the Bonus program catalog
  • pspvek 200 korun and ISIC card


  • unlimited poet vbr from ban komat st SOB in R free of charge
  • zasln podjetjeletnch vpis zdarma
  • possibility mt card with own cut for 200 crowns

GE Money Bank

  • to go here he gave 3 free services, which I can change, remove and add at any time
  • student me skskat a 900 korun za doporuen at kamard, kte si u banky zalo et
  • who opened a Genius Student account in the 21st of, free of charge illustrated Encyclopedia Zem
  • possibility of communication with the bank help zabezpeenho Chat online

Komern bank

  • bonus 333 crowns for active account users (the condition is at least one payment with a msn card at a merchant or the use of a card at an ATM for mobile services)
  • discount card EURO
  • discounts with a bank partner (eg Alpine Pro, Student Agency, Tutor, Adventura)
  • multifunctional payment card 3 in 1 UNIcard Maestro for selected universities used payment cards as well as identified orders and ISIC cards

Potovn spoitelna

  • free issue of discount cards EURO
  • start and operate them on any pot
  • available cadmi to 26 years, you do not have to be a student
  • at the age of 26, an automatic transition to the Klasik program


  • with a suitable roenm (+ 0.65% compared to adult bnm here)
  • payment card including travel insurance Standard

ivnostensk bank

  • advantageous year here by 0.53%
  • established and maintained by savings or term deposit free of charge
  • send and send SMS first with the balance for free
  • ISIC card for one year