Sản phẩm - Hành trình chinh phục cà phê organic của chàng kỹ sư xây dựng
After 5 years of ups and downs with road and bridge projects, Mr. Le Van Vuong decided to return to the basalt red land and gradually conquer organic coffee products.

Boldly start a business

Referring to Mr. Le Van Vuong (SN 1984), resident of Ea Kao commune, Buon Ma Thuot city, Dak Lak province, many people cannot help but be surprised by one person’s journey to conquer organic coffee products. pagan”.

Born in a rural village of Thanh Hoa province, from a young age, Mr. Vuong has understood the hardships of farmers who stick to the fields all year round but do not have enough to eat. In 1996, Mr. Vuong’s family moved to Dak Lak to start a business.

In 2007, after graduating from College of Transport 3 (HCMC), majoring in road and bridge construction, Mr. Vuong started working as an engineer and worked on projects. However, failures and falls did not stop coming to the young man. “After a while with the works, I feel that my life is too precarious. The income is not stable, the work is moving around, I hardly have time to take care of my family, “said Mr. Vuong.

Product - The construction engineer's journey to conquer organic coffee

Mr. Vuong (in white shirt, in the middle) shares his knowledge of the organic coffee farming process with local people.

After 5 years, realizing that he was not suitable for the job of a road and bridge construction engineer, Mr. Vuong decided to return to Dak Lak to find a new direction. Here, looking at the ripe coffee fruits aroused in him a passion for starting a business from a familiar tree in his second homeland.

In 2012, Mr. Vuong applied to work at a number of coffee companies in Buon Ma Thuot City to have the opportunity to learn, research and approach the market. Talk with ReporterMr. Vuong said: “In the process of going to work, I noticed that most people go to coffee shops to discuss and solve work. That’s why, I cooked for myself the idea of ​​​​establishing my own coffee company, creating special coffee products that are loved by everyone.”

In 2015, Mr. Vuong decided to establish Vuong Thanh Cong Production and Trading Company Limited (Vuong Thanh Cong Company) specializing in purchasing coffee for people for production and trade.

Success from organic coffee

To learn more experience and exploit the market, in 2016, Mr. Vuong returned to Ho Chi Minh City to open a coffee shop. Worth mentioning, despite his busy business, Mr. Vuong did not forget to take the time to research about coffee products.

During conversations with a doctor in agriculture in Ho Chi Minh City, or some overseas Vietnamese in France and the United States, Mr. Vuong heard a story about organic agriculture being favored by the world market, despite its high cost. 10 times more than regular coffee. Because, this is not only a clean coffee product but also good for health.

Product - The construction engineer's journey to conquer organic coffee (Figure 2).

Many individuals and units visited and learned about Mr. Vuong’s organic coffee growing model.

These interesting stories motivate Mr. Vuong to come to the determination to take advantage of the strengths of his homeland to produce clean, high-quality and environmentally friendly organic coffee. At the same time, he also determined that this is the main and separate direction of Vuong Thanh Cong Company. To understand more about organic coffee, in addition to learning through books and courses, Mr. Vuong does not hesitate to go to many famous growing areas to gain experience.

In the process of researching, he believes that in order to have clean coffee products, first of all, it is necessary to have a clean raw material area and to have a clean raw material area, it is necessary to manage inputs, especially changing production habits with manure. chemistry for so long. Mr. Vuong realized the idea by experimenting with 1.4ha of organic coffee in his family’s field in Ea Kao commune.

To ensure nutrients for the coffee plants, Mr. Vuong uses manure, bark, coffee leaves, plant remains incubated with probiotics and probiotics for 3-6 months. In addition, he also cooperated with a company specializing in the production of bio-organic fertilizers in Ho Chi Minh City with a branch in Dak Lak to transfer science and technology. From there, adjusting the nutrition regime in each stage helps coffee trees grow healthy and sustainable.

In addition to production on the family’s land, Mr. Vuong went to find coffee gardens with good soil, standard terrain, and suggested that people associate with Vuong Thanh Cong Company to make organic coffee. However, not everyone understands the value of organic coffee production. “At first, people were skeptical about my method of organic coffee production,” he says. They believe that this approach not only takes time and effort, but productivity will be reduced, leading to lower income.

However, with determination and perseverance, a year later, Mr. Vuong proved to everyone that the conversion to organic coffee does not reduce production. In particular, organic coffee trees are greener, healthier and better, and the harvested coffee beans cost 40% more.

Seeing these effects, many people actively linked with Mr. Vuong’s company to switch to organic coffee production and purchased at a price higher than the market by 10,000-20,000 VND/kg. Mr. Vuong affirmed: “After linking, we all guide and strictly check the farming process of the farmers. There are many households who work with no credibility, do not comply with the processes set out by the company, and they will be eliminated. Up to now, the total area of ​​the company and associated with 10 households to produce organic coffee is more than 16ha.

Product - The construction engineer's journey to conquer organic coffee (Figure 3).

Mr. Vuong brings his organic coffee products to many events and exhibitions of organic agricultural products.

To find outlets for his organic coffee products, Mr. Vuong participates in many events, exhibitions of organic agricultural products, promotes products on online channels, and expands distribution through agents and companies. roasting company. On the other hand, he has taken advantage of social networks to post real images of the organic coffee farming and processing process so that customers can better understand the products the company makes.

Constantly diversifying products

Not stopping at the above results, in the times he went to the fields to harvest coffee, Mr. Vuong picked a few ripe fruits to eat. The sweetness from the coffee pods melted in his tongue, which made him come up with the idea to make cascara tea (also known as tea from coffee pods). Coffee and tea products have been favored by many customers because of their strange and unique taste.

From the success of coffee tea, in 2018 he continued to learn and research to make wine from ripe organic coffee berries. Since then, the young man has launched a line of coffee and coffee wine products. These two products are expensive but not enough to serve the needs of consumers.

“Coffee tea, coffee wine, coffee wine are handmade and with all the heart. With these products, I myself always aim to raise the value of Vietnamese coffee”, said Mr. Vuong.

In addition, Mr. Vuong also makes the most of his time to share industry knowledge for young entrepreneurs. Through these classes, Mr. Vuong wants young people to have a basic foundation to successfully start a business in the coffee industry, thereby affirming the quality of Vietnamese coffee with domestic and international customers.

Products achieved OCOP 4 stars

In 2020, Vuong Thanh Cong special wood coffee product was granted a 4-star OCOP certificate by the People’s Committee of Dak Lak province. According to Mr. Le Van Vuong, in the coffee world, special rustic coffee is the only coffee product of the province up to now to achieve 4-star OCOP. This is an advantage for domestic coffee products to be known more and more.

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