Money is an illusion – and interest is speculation. Investors should be aware of the uncertainty. Only an old recipe can help.

Avoid loss of value: where can investors safely invest their assets?

TTurbulence on the capital markets is giving some investors sleepless nights. In their eyes, bonds are worthless, real estate bubbles, and the stock market is a cauldron. For individual private individuals that is a bit much at once, so it is no wonder that these people are wondering what to do with their assets, where there is still security, where stable income is in store? The answers are simple, but cruel and harsh: money is an illusion, there is no security, and life will go on despite all crises, but probably not as you imagine.

Financial crises usually have the greatest impact on old-age provision. With a sober analysis of the situation, three groups are affected. Young people are wondering whether it is even worth taking care of them. Middle-aged savers are in a bind. This is about considerations of how the savings are to be saved and what future savings should look like. And the older semesters, who think their sheep are dry, are afraid of going back to the old days and are worried that they will soon be left empty-handed again. Of course, nothing is eaten as hot as it was previously cooked, and this becomes clear in the following considerations.