Hướng dẫn cách lọc nhanh bạn bè trên Facebook bằng điện thoại

Do you have a dense list of friends on Facebook? Want to filter this list to create space to connect with other friends? With a friend list of up to a thousand people, how can you quickly filter out the friends who do not interact? With How to filter Facebook friends on Android phones, iphones fast, extremely simple without having to manually delete each friend like before.

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Facebook is the most popular social network today, with Facebook not only stopping at “what are you thinking” but also a place to help you do business online. With online sales by Facebook, interaction from friends is very important. So if in the past you “accidentally” made friends “innocent” leading to the full list of friends, proceed to filter your Facebook friends list according to the instructions that tips.com.vn sent to you below.

Instructions on how to quickly filter friends on Facebook by phone
How to filter friends on Facebook quickly?

Instructions on how to filter Facebook friends on Android phones simply:

To quickly filter out friends who do not interact with Android phones, you can use the MonokaiToolkit application, a free application that supports deleting friends on Facebook. However, you should note that this application is only supported on phones using the Android operating system from 4.4 and above.

Step 1. First, go to the CH PLAY application store, then in the search box you type in MonokaiToolkit and click search. Click the Install button and please wait a moment for the system to download the app to your phone.

Step 2. After the application is successfully downloaded, select Vietnamese > Use your Facebook account to log in into MonokaiToolkit.

Step 3. When logging into MonokaiToolkit you are asked to surf the newsfeeds for a few minutes to avoid the checkpoint. When you’re done surfing newsfeeds, just click on the sign X to exit the Facebook interface.

*Checkpoint is a security mechanism by Facebook to help protect users’ personal accounts.

Step 4. Proceed to delete friends on Facebook by clicking the gear-shaped settings icon on the right corner of the screen. Here you have 3 options:

  • Remove non-interactive friends: The application suggests some non-interactive friends and suggests you to proceed with deletion.
  • Remove all friends: This item supports deleting all friends currently in the list. And also suggest re-friending with close friends.
  • Unfollow friends: You can also unfollow your friends without having to unfriend them!

In addition to filtering Facebook friends on Android phones, the MonokaiToolkit tool also has other utilities such as:

  • Delete or hide posts on your timeline.
  • Enable or disable Avatar shield to protect Facebook account.
  • Set post privacy.
  • Quick post to the group.
  • Log in to multiple accounts at the same time.
  • Add all friends in the group list.
  • Statistical list of friends who regularly text you.
  • Send comments or interact automatically on facebook.
  • …….

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Instructions on how to filter friends on Facebook on iPhone:

With Apple’s phones, you can’t use the App for filtering Facebook friends, so please do it manually. Specifically, you operate sequentially according to the following instructions:

Step 1. Open the Facebook app and then tap the iconu 3 dashes > Select some profile items > Scroll down to the friends section > Select item see all friends.

Step 2. In the list of friends that appear, select the item unfriend > Select icon 3 dots > Unfriend with the sign X (X is the Facebook username you want to unfriend)

Step 3. The system sends a request to confirm the unfriend operation if you agree to choose erase and finish filtering friends in the list.

Above is a quick and simple way to filter Facebook friends on Android and iPhone phones. Hope this information will help you quickly filter the list of friends in your Facebook account! Wishing you a successful operation!