Companies are not afraid of the future and intend to hire large employees. This was revealed by a traditional survey by ManpowerGroup. The question is where they will take them, when the labor market is the least successful in the history of the country.

Employer in the Czech Republic hls for the quarter of 2018 optimistic labor force full. According to the survey, 7% of employers expect an increase in the number of workers, 1% predict a reduction in the number of workers and 92% do not anticipate a change of labor or not. It is the kind of most optimistic in history in a ten-year survey.

Unemployment is the least in history and the companies full of companies remain very positive. In 2017, we observed a slowdown in the number of employees, but since mid-2018 we can see an acceleration in the values ​​of 2015 and 2016. General Manager ManpowerGroup esk republika.

This requires employers to fundamentally re-evaluate their personal strategy. Modify the system of rewards and benefits, change the organization of production, invest in automation, make more frequent use of the wall and flexible forms of employment and expand the recruitment to remote regions, even abroad.

Large companies in the construction industry will recruit the most

The survey divides companies into three categories according to size. Recruit large companies with more than 250 employees, where 35% will be recruited and only 5% will be lost. Among the medium-sized employers from 50 to 249 employees, 17% of companies will recruit and only 2% will lose. New people will be shnt so small and micro enterprises, which in the past did not have large unions full.

And in what fields will the biggest job be found? Employers in eight out of ten sectors predict a forecast for the upcoming quarter of labor turnover. The strongest sources are in the production and distribution of electricity, gas and water and in construction. This is followed by wholesale and retail, manufacturing. On the contrary, companies in the area of ​​hostels and canteens and in the area of ​​mining of raw materials want to dismiss, adds Rezlerov, according to whom the optimism of companies is known throughout the country. The vacancies will be both in Prague and in all of Moravia, where the struggle for employees compared to the third quarter will be very calm.


Search for people around the world

The results of the study show that employers abroad are looking for reinforcements to their teams in 43 of the 44 countries surveyed. Compared to the previous quarter, the full force strengthened in 22 of the 44 countries and areas, weakened in 14 and remained unchanged in eight. Most vacancies will be available in Japan, Taiwan, the United States, Romania and Slovenia. The weakest forecasts come from Hungary, Argentina, France and Italy.

The ManpowerGroup Labor Market Index survey lasts a quarter and tracks the tendency of employers to dream or increase the number of employees during the following quarter. It has been held for more than 55 years, in the Czech Republic since 2008. It is based on a survey of 60,000 employers from the public and private sectors.

The respondent is asked: How do you expect the total number of employees in your company to change in the next quarter compared to the current quarter?