Unbelievable: Berlin’s new airport is actually ready – with a delay of years. The head of the airport company FBB renounces big tones. A portrait.

Engelbert Lütke Daldrup on the construction site of the apron E2 at the Berlin Brandenburg airport “Willy Brandt” (BER).

Shonest, sober, unpretentious, determined, self-confident, ambitious. All these characteristics are attributed to Engelbert Lütke Daldrup – the man who succeeds what many managers previously failed: the opening of the new airport in the capital. “As far as we can judge, we will open BER on October 31,” the CEO of the FBB airport company has been repeating for months. That discretion has now shrunk to almost zero. BER is ready, it should finally have his birthday this Saturday – just like Lütke Daldrup, who will then be 64 years old.

The fact that there shouldn’t be a lot of fuss about the inauguration fits in with the mishap history of the airport and the personality of the managing director. “There won’t be a party, we’ll just open up,” is Lütke Daldrup’s brittle announcement. But there is still a bit of “celebrating”. Because of the Corona restrictions, the airport company has been juggling the program and the guest list for weeks. The mind games remained largely hidden from the public, questions about the process remained unanswered. Lütke Daldrup will probably be standing on the visitor terrace when the first two aircraft with guests of honor float in parallel on Saturday afternoon, a Lufthansa and an Easyjet aircraft.