Wealth can only be built up with securities. But there are also alternatives, especially for older people – despite low interest rates. This is what you should pay attention to.

New York Wall Street investors have a special look at stocks.

DMost of the money should be in stocks. That’s what nine out of ten asset managers advise at least 30-year-old investors to start this year. However, all asset managers recommend lower equity quotas to investors twice their age. The logic behind it: The prices of shares fluctuate greatly compared to other investments, 60-year-old investors can cope with possible losses because of their shorter investment horizon than 30-year-old investors, who, in all experience, have short-term losses with the equity investment, especially thanks to lavish dividends Considered for several years, more than just catching up.

Anyone who invested $ 10,000 in the American S&P 500 stock index ten years ago can look forward to a fortune of over $ 28,000 today – plus dividends. Anyone who invested in the German Dax share index turned 10,000 euros, including dividends, into 22,000 euros – but had to accept losses in the meantime. This is another reason why you shouldn’t invest all of your money in stocks, but rather spread it over several investments in order to spread the risks. In times of low interest rates, however, good alternatives to stocks have become rare. This is shown by the survey on the right mix of investments, about which the FAZ asked ten independent asset managers for the fifteenth time at the beginning of the year.