There are hundreds of financial products in the financial market. People often do not know how different products can differ. You can find out more from the so-called product sheets. They should clearly summarize the main parameters and draw attention to the basic differences.

People should not choose financial products according to advertising, but especially on the basis of their content. That bag is not easy. Finann products vary in a number of parameters including prices. The main effort of financial institutions is to create products and different packages that will be difficult to compare. On the contrary, the efforts of ordinary consumers should be able to gain as much knowledge as possible in financial products.

We can show the differences in products, for example, in life insurance, which is one of the strongest financial products ever. In addition, today it is offered an inexhaustible number of different fuses. Unlike, for example, pension funds or building societies, insurance companies are not limited in their creation.

This often leads to significant differences between products. These vary not only in basic parameters, but also in the range of insurance cover, construction, flexibility and, last but not least, of course in price and cost.

Basic parameters define the monch segment. These are the minimum input height, the minimum and the maximum possible duration of the connection, the minimum insurance cover or the minimum insurance cover. The insurance is a long-term contract, so it is good to know how high the minimum payment the insurance company will require or how high the insurance cover you will have to have, for example, even at a time when you will not need insurance protection at all.

According to it, it is important to know the scope of insurance coverage, ie in which situations to insure and when not. We find differences in inclusions and in various limited insurance benefits, as well as in the range of possible connections and their qualities, for example in the different definition of the term, called illness and disability.

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