From an early age, she wanted to be withered, but her mother betrayed her. Pr will not crouch at their machine. She bought the bag herself for herself. Today, Vlaka Kozlov has five thousand satisfied customers and the machine often humps a lot.

As far as she can remember, she loved any run. From a young age you can use it with a fad. And no wonder she saw this run around her. Prababika ila ndhern pieces from wedding at and to carnival masks. Our mother and brothers were so fond of ourselves that we would not only go where we were then – in the 1980s. Well, maybe that’s why she talked to me for the first time, and she decided differently: She won’t be crouching at the machine, first Vlaka Kozlov from Vclavovice near Ostrava. And so the first machine was drunk a few years later.

When did you start the one for?No children were born to me, I worked twelve-hour shifts as a salesman. At matesk, I once bought a trick to wear a skirt. But I didn’t have an ic machine. So I ordered it and my mother paid. The pn who brought it to me was amazed that I couldn’t. He stood over me, he was hardening what to do, so we wore the first skirt together. Then I tried it myself. Later, I exhibited my first creations on one of the sales websites, and to my great surprise, they sold out that day. What’s more, the orders started to pour in immediately.

Don’t you regret this decision today?Not by any chance, today I am determined to do so. On the other hand, I must admit that it was not easy at all. Because I live at home, it was often to draw the line between work and household. It took me a year, I didn’t make it. Today I have long and weekends and for a long time I simply forbade walking at this time.

Bydlte to solitude in the woods, Did you have problems with communication via the Internet?When I started a business ten years ago, it was important that even in the village to the house by the forest connected the Internet. This opened new horizons for my husband and we could. I can’t imagine doing this work without the internet, it really wouldn’t be.

What are you eating?I am a bitch type, I wear a skirt at home and I know that the service is appropriate if the right stitch is chosen. I have always enjoyed combining materials and colors, I enjoy grinding different compositions, even those that do not fit together at first glance. Of course, dresses, sweatshirts, pants, epics, just about anything.

There are various applications on all your products, most often owls. Do you have these applications yourself, or do you buy them somewhere?

I enjoy small and creating applications, which are always different, they can be warmly won with them. When I think about it like that, I just need to do something where I see the result, and as best as possible, it’s best to drive that day. That’s why my work will never get tired and it will be dark.

Not on the Czech market, also due toVietnamese vendors, enough similar and mainly cheap goods?At present, there is really a lot of competition not only in stores, but also on the Internet. I noticed that many of the leading retailers are so low in price for their goods that they can’t even pay for their costs. I can’t appreciate it and I will find a lot of other sellers, who are then forced to go down with prices. It is also necessary to be able to appreciate that not only does it work, but it makes fun.

How much have you invested in equipment?Since I don’t have a store, only internet sales, so stail pota and ic machines, you mm two. A good photo camera is necessary for me to take pictures and exhibit my goods. The only dog ​​we took was long for construction. We’ll have it paid for soon.

Prodvte pod nickem Svy z nudl, which was not a flattering killer. k with the oven, e nkdo stupid look like sva from noodles. How did you drink it?That’s a question. When we cut out the name, it didn’t even occur to us how the store would work. At that time, the motif of owls was melting and we were looking for something funny and memorable, so we chose our noodles. At that time, I had no idea that people would greet me in the first few years: J, you are a muscle, j mm from your skirt. Owls mm extra power red. So I chose them as the main application for my products, avalanche, or hooked form. Because I also make ceramics, we also have owls in the gardens.

Where do you buy tricks and put components?I buy flyers exclusively through online stores. Over the years, the seller of heating products in various colors and patterns has proven itself. Customers are happy for their flexibility. Last but not least, I failed in the design cotton fabric of world designs with unseen patterns. They are not fully priced in our price, but they are incomparable in quality.

Can bn customers afford it?The price for a meter of ltka is between 300 and 400 crowns, which is reflected in the price of the product, but the customer will return for new and new skirts. Somewhere that the bottles are not suitable, definitely yes, so I buy them, but they are ideal for home accessories.

Do you have a map, how much did you sell at? AND You can explain that you are returning to your customers?Today we have almost a thousand pieces and three and a thousand satisfied customers for sale. When it comes to returning customers, I think it’s because they live on the go, moreover on length, they also keep them to a minimum.

You have two children, how can you get along with our business?I work at home for so long. It’s a big plus when a child gets sick or does not ride a bike by themselves. Today, my daughter is tinct and his son is ten years old, they are parci and often m models. Only Vojta carries when he has to try on a skirt that I wear for the same old princess.

When the children were young and we had a financial situation at home, I didn’t go to work on the way to kolka, so I didn’t go to work like that. They thought that I was just for fun, today I know that it was not a source of income, and that they always have it at hand.

When you started, you probably didn’t have long. So where did you go?The arrests were made. I lived in the last year, where the children slept with them. Then there are ripples of thread, thread, free of horror. I didn’t even have an area to pull off, and a year later my knees resembled two big brains.

How did you do that? I grew up in a collar, where we had a large table, but it wasn’t even a carrier. The only eenm was to build a long one, which is connected to the house. It was a complete reconstruction of a full house, also the attic apartment was beautifully increased and it also got the coveted long. Today it is syslrna, because vn mm stacks do not use yet. But what’s at home makes it sweat.

How many orders do you have per day, how are the waiting periods?That’s different, sometimes pt, other times you have three days. ekac lhta je bn trnct dn, before Vnoci i msc.

What is the biggest interest?Cut the skirt, both in summer and in winter. The material corresponds to a similar period, in winter it is often fleece or sweater with various applications, where it is possible to harmonize the skirt with the epic, the underside and the leg covers. Still there is the same skirt for mom and daughter in the course. Lately, I’ve often had such a Thoten fashion.

In addition to skirts, I am so interested in T-shirts, dresses, I even went to festive wedding dresses in a black style. The insole in popularity is denim, woven with the application you put on pn of individual pieces of calf.

V jakch relacch se pohybuj vaeho zbo prices?Bad for the material and the quality of the matter, but the prices range from about 600 to one thousand crowns, even if the skirt with the application is the price you. It is always a single piece of the original. For all those from foreign countries, the price is you. Dtsk pieces come from 300 to 390 crowns.

Can you reveal in ron turnover?The annual turnover has been up to 600 thousand crowns in recent years. If I were a so-called predator, I would definitely rent the premises, share my own shop and hire employees. But that’s not for me. I know that I can do it first because there is work on every piece of the product. I can’t imagine not having an overview of the entire production process. This way it’s enough for our family, it’s not for jumping, the days are children, but we are satisfied.

What limits you as an entrepreneur the most?Well, I don’t want to be limited, but the news in the sense of EET and GPDR doesn’t give me optimism. The hunter has to look for everything so that he can be as he should be, and he can calmly return at night. We have a clever gentleman who enjoys this work, and I don’t have to study still with me, which I still don’t understand.

Jak zpolte s balenm zbo, s pepravou?This is the one that I like the least. I send the goods twice a week in Czech sweat. Veker zbo I have to check the sawdust, iron it, wrap it and put it in a queue for sweat. It is not pleasant, because the people behind me do not have much joy and both murmur.

Did you start a shabby story during the business?One customer stole our pieces straight from the ass, he put them in the pool. I was very sorry, but of course we agreed on a new uit for a reasonable price, it was a table of customers.I was also amused by Mr. Sweat for us when she called out to me: Mr. Sovov, come to me!

What would you say to an entrepreneur?Focus on quality, not quantity. Mt own npady. And as long as it goes, don’t neglect your family and your friends. Define as to rest. From my own experience, I know that the body cannot drive you two hundred percent in the long run.