A home in the right place costs a fortune. Thank heaven if there is enough to inherit! Our financial expert knows why it is not a good idea to rely on the death of one’s parents alone.

Priceless?  A small toy house stands on banknotes.

LDear “sprightly” seniors, dear “adult” children! I assume that you too will meet again this year for a family reunion, as is customary in middle-class circles. If, contrary to expectations, the program contains “open time slots”, then I have an idea for you. What do you think of a group of chairs discussing the delicate question of how “priceless” homes are financed? I am sure that the meeting will be vividly remembered by everyone involved, and if you want to know why I am so sure, then just read today’s case.

A young couple, each half 40 years old, managed to have two children at the last minute. The boy is 18 months old and the girl is six months old. The parents’ days have become long, the nights short, and now the question has arisen as to how the young family should live in the future. The focus of the talks has shifted to a home that will cost one and a half million euros including all fees. Please do not believe that behind this price are huge manor houses in Müritz an der Knatter, no, no, it is about a simple house with a pleasure and ornamental garden in the outskirts of Stuttgart.