Building spoen prov renaissance. Develop building societies and, since the beginning of the year, they have been attracting clients to attractive offers. Experts see this year positively. According to them, due to the mountain availability of mortgages and fixed years, people will be able to finance their housing from building societies.

“Concluding a building savings contract is one of the safest ways to deal with retirement. In addition to the interesting year, it will offer support and the main opportunity in the future to draw a suitable amount from building savings to financial housing, ”says Veronika Loosov from the communication department of the eskomoravská stavební spořitelna.

Confirm this year by year with the rising average number of people. Last year, the average amount was 303 thousand crowns, more than 100 thousand higher than in the strongest year of the building society, ie in 2003.

In times of economic crisis, building savings are a safe product

The economic crisis, which we have been intensively aware of for a year in the Czech Republic, has resulted in attitudes towards disputes and investments.

As Zdenka Blechov says, Stavebn spoitelny esk spoitelny, stavebni spoen, is one of the completely safe deposit banking products. “The importance of this security is growing, especially in uncertain financial times, and the building society is therefore becoming more and more not only conservative clients. Due to the current situation, the breeding client can be attributed after the end of the time. Two clients have terminated their contracts at this time. Now in me, if you do not need the funds and go to a person’s contact, continue to connect or leave the funds connected here. ”

vry od stavebnch spoitelen zskvaj vhodu nad hypotkami

Thus, in the area of ​​в hypot ‹в hypot‹ mortgages economic crisis due to the conscience of many unpleasant measures for clients. Rising year rates, banks are writing down the requirements for the creditworthiness of clients, they have been offering to offer some risk mortgages. – You can write about the strict conditions here.

Mortgages are gradually becoming more affordable and often less taxable. – You can read about the current decline in the image of mortgages here

Building societies, which are significant games in the field of investment in housing, state that even in connection with the crisis did not have to introduce strict conditions in the assessment of enough. Their attitudes are also supported by the fact, as the Ministry of Finance mentions in its commentary on the basic indicators of the development of building societies in the Czech Republic, is regulated by written rules, which emphasize the security of such invested funds ”.

Due to the increasing number of people from year to year, it can be concluded that more and more clients, in addition to the building savings, also take the vry.

Clients still refinance vry mortgages from building societies

The building societies themselves mention the client’s interest in refinancing mortgages through their For example, the eskomoravská stavebná spořitelna responded to the growing demand for the fortress in May 2008 with a powerful internet portal, on its website it will be carried out by virtual advisers of the applicant for the fortress and provide it with basic information. Those who decide to refinance their mortgages, the savings bank will significantly simplify the entire procedure.

A big plus for bills from building societies are lower and in the case of days of building savings even fixed years of rates, this is not the case with the still smaller years of mortgage rates. Raiffeisen stavební spoiteln also confirms the increased interest in refinancing. “It is mainly related to the uniqueness of our heat from the building society and the fixation of the rate years,” said Tom Vry, a representative of the savings bank. “This is very convenient against a mortgage, where the rates have not been fixed for years and are constantly with me. People are slowly coming to terms with how important and perceived it is to have a fixed rate fulfilled at all times. ”

Stavebn spoitelny went into battle

Building societies have already prepared for the acquisition of new clients. Practically all of them did not allow themselves to rest after the traditional end of the year, and from the very beginning of the year they prepared interesting offers for clients. The only exception is Stavebn spoitelna esk spoitelny, which has not yet prepared a new product or a limited time event for both existing and potential clients.

eskomoravsk stavebn spoitelna: the year 2008 is the best in history

Last year, Spoitelna very significantly strengthened its market leadership, 2008 being the most likely year in its history. For the year 2009, experts from the savings bank anticipate a large increase in interest in their products. The clients went out with two limited time events. A novelty in the offer of the savings bank is the possibility to get the infernal home to live without a processing fee and thus save up to 15 thousand crowns. The fee will not be sufficient in the period from 23 February to 17 April 2009.

In addition, until 31 March 2009, clients can receive a premium of CZK 1,500 for the Lika plus financial program, which combines the benefits of a building society and a supplementary pension.

The blue pyramid was made by a unique internet project

Thus, in 2008 the Blue Pyramid recorded the number of interest in its products. It included clients at the end of the year with an interesting offer in its portfolio. Until the end of the burrow, there were two time-limited events in both the spoen and vr areas, which taught clients no contacts.

A real novelty, which Modr pyramida launched on January 12, is the internet project – the supermarket “Bydlen na sklad”. Clients go through a virtual supermarket and find in the shelves, for example. roofs, windows, facades, floors and gave a variety of goods that better lived them. Behind each item, which is chosen by the prices, there is a box incl. Clients can immediately see how they have the opportunity to pay. The choice is completely non-binding and in the case of contact with the consultant, it was made easier by the fact that the representative of the Blue Pyramid has an idea of ​​the needs of the client. Although the project only works as a kind of msc, it has already been reported in the savings bank that it has attracted clients.

Modr pyramida will not leave any coincidences and is also preparing an interesting novelty in the field of vr, rozva its product Rychlovr even for those who are not yet clients of Modr pyramida. This product in the savings bank has been operating since the end of last year and its main advantage for existing clients is its rapid development.

Raiffeisen stavebná spoitelna: finish your friends, you will get a press release

From January 1 to the 31st, there will be an event in the savings campaign “Tiscovka pro vs, sleva for your acquaintances”. If the existing client acquires his acquaintance with one of the original cards on which he has filled in his contract and his telephone number, he will receive a reward of thousands of crowns, provided that the acquaintance becomes a client of the building society. His reward will be half the fee for concluding contracts. Since April, the savings bank has been preparing a special event in the area of ​​Peklenov, incl.

Wstenrot stavebná spoitelna offers one of the highest current rates

From 1 January, the savings bank raises the annual rate on disputes to 2.2% ron. The year in the year is 4.9%. In the case of a combination of annual rates for disputes and the year, it still exceeds 1%, the year from disputes and 3.7%, the year from debts from building savings. On the contrary, the savings bank canceled the combination of 2.1% year from disputes and 4.8% year from vru. Nabdka is therefore also interesting.

Banks are optimistic, 2009 is positive

The year 2009 is clearly moving towards the good results of 2008. Experts assume that this year the Czech Republic will have a massive manifestation of the economic crisis. As for the building savings bag, the development forecast is positive. Due to the fact that it is a very stable product with guaranteed rates, its attractiveness stands out especially in times of economic crisis and gradually declining years.

Thus, vry from building societies are unlikely to be among other vry to live in full competition. As Veronika Loosov from Eskomoravsk stavební spořitelna states: “The reduced availability of mortgage bonds and a fixed year will also bring those clients who, until then, wanted building societies only as partners for an interesting investment, not as partners for financial housing.”

Even Raiffeisen building society expert Tom Vry sees 2009 as the right time to start a building society. “For the time being, all building societies have no deposits, but this ratio should probably be settled by 2012. And then building societies will pay for their clients on the interbank market. The conditions are thus more equal to mortgage banks. ”

In fact, two years after the year, the rising ratio returns to the total, which as at 31 December 2008 was 56.7%.