Two brothers from an Irish village of 100 souls founded the payment processor Stripe. This is now rated higher than almost every Dax group. Your trump card: simplicity.

John Collison (left) and his brother Patrick, both in their early 30s, founded Stripe in 2010.

GBig business ideas also arise in the smallest of villages. For example in Dromineer, a small Irish town that had just 102 inhabitants in the previous census. It is only lively there when the weather is good and day trippers come from nearby Limerick; for hiking, fishing or sailing on Loch Derg. The idyll may be relaxing for day tourists, but it is rather dreary for young locals. Only in very special cases does it become the starting point of an exciting journey. John Collison said in an interview that he often asked himself if it was not desirable to grow up in such a boring place. Because: “There you are forced to find your own interests.”

John Collison and his brother Patrick managed to find inspiration in the tranquil dromineer and then to lay down a fabulous world career. You founded the start-up Stripe, which primarily processes payments on the Internet and has just been valued at 95 billion dollars. It has replaced none other than Elon Musk’s space company Space X as the most valuable unlisted company in the western world. Only the Chinese company ByteDance, which is behind the video app Tiktok, is rated even higher by private investors. If you compare Stripe with the market capitalization of listed companies from Germany, only the DAX companies VW, SAP, Linde and Siemens are worth more.