On a delicate mission: A manager from Baden is supposed to save the ailing British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin. Former Mercedes man Tobias Moers didn’t just make friends with his old employer.

Former AMG - now Aston Martin: Manager Tobias Moers wants to save the sports car manufacturer.

Dhe fascination with a sports car is based on design and technology. In the case of Aston Martin, also from the story of the British company, which is always playing on the brink, as if it were not only a heroic companion of James Bond in the border area in the film. The company has been bankrupt seven times since it was founded in 1913, and a savior has always been found. This time his name is Lawrence Stroll, is a Canadian entrepreneur and owner of the Formula 1 racing team Racing Point.

In February, Stroll traveled to Stuttgart and met Tobias Moers, who worked for the AMG powerhouse belonging to Mercedes-Benz for 26 years and who most recently managed it successfully. It is an open secret that Moers would have liked to become head of development at Mercedes. But this step was denied to him under the chairman of the board, Ola Källenius. So the advertising of Stroll fell on fertile ground. Moers moved to the top of Aston Martin in August 2020, where two things immediately happened: he halted the production of the new SUV called DBX, which had just started, and he deepened the connection with Mercedes-Benz. The first to ensure “a quality-oriented ramp-up”, as Moers, who is visibly dissatisfied with this, says in an interview with the FAZ, the second to ensure technical infusions, which Aston Martin urgently needs due to limited resources.