We have documented the changes in the fuel market: more expensive in the morning, cheaper in the afternoon – this rule of thumb no longer applies. With these tricks you can save on refueling.

Oh, refueling was still cheap!  But only apparently.  The Beetle driver had to work more than 8:25 minutes for the liter of gasoline.  Today it's only 4:13 minutes.

VMany motorists are currently driven by the high gasoline prices. Although the price of crude oil has fallen sharply, fuel prices and heating oil prices have risen significantly. Diesel costs on average in Germany now just under 1.45 euros and Super E10 more than 1.54 euros per liter. The automobile club ADAC criticizes the fact that the “continuous soaring in fuel prices” cannot be adequately explained by the weather, nor by the low water levels on the Rhine and Main, which lead to occasional delivery problems. The Internet portal Heizoel24 even says in its daily market report: “That has never been seen in this form before.” So a real price shock for many.

What can motorists do? In principle there are two ways to defy the high prices. Drivers can go to relatively cheap petrol stations, for example at large shopping centers. And they can fill up at times when the fuel is not quite as expensive. The Internet portal Clever-Tanken has recently compared for the FAZ when the prices for petrol and diesel are particularly cheap. These times have apparently shifted somewhat. The old rule of thumb that petrol is more expensive in the morning and cheaper in the afternoon no longer applies. Rather, there are now several price peaks and price troughs in the course of the day.